What is Facebook Pixel? How to use it to Best for Facebook Ads

Have you heard of Facebook Pixel?

If you are someone who uses Facebook Ads or planning to do so you should know about Facebook Pixel.  It is a new technology that every business use to earn back the money they spend on Ads.

Pixels are commonly used in ad industries. These are small cookies that can help you to track people who visit your website. Retargeting is the technical word for doing this process in marketing.

What is Facebook Pixel?

 Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that you can place on your website. This pixel can help you to track visitors on your website. Collecting this data is very important for every business nowadays. This data can be used to retarget customers through Facebook later. You can study what customers are doing on your website. If they come back what they are doing and based on this data, you can personalize messages and send it to them. Doing this will increases the effectiveness of your social media ads and campaigns. This is what Facebook pixel is for.

What is Facebook Pixel

How does Facebook pixel work?

Facebook pixel is mainly used to retarget customers to a website. It offered a custom pixel that businesses can use to retarget their customers and to track conversions there is a conversion pixel. For every account, there will be only one custom pixel and they can create as many conversion pixels as they want to track the conversion of each web page.  By doing this Facebook tries to improve its service to its customers. One can improve their sale and at the same time, they can track every info about the customer’s nature.  By knowing all these data businesses can send personalized messages to their customers and make it more effective.

Two major changes happened in Facebook Pixel after being introduced. In 2015 they simplified the process and provided with the tracking pixel. Now it only has tracking pixel and in 2017 they introduced additional features to it such as page metadata, custom button click activity tracking, etc.

How Facebook Pixel can aid your business growth?

Even though you are not using Facebook Ads installing Facebook pixels will help you in the future. Collecting customer data is not an easy task. Just by placing a code on your website, you can make this task easy. Tracking customers will help you to know their nature and what they want from your website. If a business can provide what customers want it will help your business to grow better. You can also use this data to provide ads that can attract customers based on their browsing history.

  •     Use conversion tracking for better ad strategy

If you can track customer’s behavior after seeing your Facebook Ad. If they are visiting your website or searching something new on your website this data is very helpful in retargeting them. You can use this data and send a personalized ad based on your customer’s browsing history. This is an effective way to attract more customers to your business

  •     Use retargeting technique

If someone adds a product to cart on your website you can send them reminders or new offers of those products. This is how most businesses retarget their customers. Just like reminders you can display ad of the product they abandoned or browsed on your website last time

  •     Use customer data to define prospective customers

Use the data you collected using Facebook pixels to define your potential customers. Targeting a new group of customers with the matching nature of your existing customers will help to increase your potential customer base.

  •     Use Facebook pixel data for more conversion

Using Facebook pixel, you can track the conversion rate of your Ads. This will help every business to rethink the strategies they are following to attract customers. Based on the response they are getting businesses can always redefine their strategies

  •     Use Facebook pixel data for value

Based on the nature of customers and how they interact with your website Facebook can optimize the ads that are showing on each customer. If a customer buys an expensive product from your website through the Facebook ad, using this data Facebook optimizes the ad and shows products with high value.

  •     Use more tools and metrics to improve the outcome

There are more tools available from Facebook to make your ads more effective. You can track Cost per conversion and similar details using these tools. It is easy to get access to those tools by adding a Facebook pixel to your website.

How to use the Facebook pixel to improve Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads mainly serves three functions to help you with improving your Facebook Ad. They are-:

  • Custom Audience from your website
  • Custom conversion
  • Standard and custom events

Custom Audience from your website

By tracking Custom Audience from your website Facebook Ads will help the business to retarget its customers. If you already installed Facebook Pixel on your website, it would track each customer visiting your website from Facebook Ads. Using data like the page your customer visits, products they are browsing on your website and their nature of search businesses can create personalized ads that can attract targeted audiences.

You can’t send personalized messages to particular customers. All you can do is create a group of audiences with the same nature and create an advertisement to them based on their browsing history. Define the custom audience of your website based on the page they searched. You can choose the number of days between 1 and 180 days. You can send ads to a group of audiences on a timely basis which can be automated later. Name your audience and once the audience is created you can choose how you want to proceed further. Like when to advertise and the type of ad to be used.

Custom Audience from your website

Custom conversions

Custom conversion is something you can use while adding Facebook pixels. You can select a conversion page and name it however you want to show it to your customers. It is a thank you message for your customers for taking action on your website.

You might have seen messages like-:

Facebook Pixel Custom conversions

Thank You for shopping with us, your order is on its way

Thank you for your valuable feedback, we will try to improve our service

Thank you for signing up, you will receive a confirmation mail shortly

These are automated messages you can set to send after conversion using the Facebook Pixel feature. When someone receives a conversion page Facebook Pixel can track their data

Facebook pixel create a custom conversion

Custom conversion is limited to 40 people at a time. Here are the categories you can include for custom conversion

  • Add payment info
  • Add to cart
  • Add to wish list
  • Complete registration
  • Lead
  • Initiate check out
  • View content
  • Search

Once the custom conversion is created it will apply to all your ads. You don’t have to set it up individually for each ad. You can get a detailed report anytime from your Facebook conversion feature.

Facebook pixel custom website conversion

Another interesting feature is that you can choose the objective of your campaign by entering the URL of the website. Choose what you are looking for from the above options and optimize your ad fir better conversion.

Standard and custom events

These are additional features that every business can make use of while using Facebook Pixel. There are a set of standard and custom events that can be set up using some additional coding.  

Standard events-: There are 17 standard events that you can add by coding.

Purchase-: Someone purchases from your website

Lead-: if someone registers to your website or sign up they are considered as your potential

Add to Cart-: If a person adds a product to the cart on your website

Complete registration-: if a person completes the registration form to be a part of your website

Add payment info-: If a customer adds their payment info while trying to buy something from your website.

Add to Wishlist-: If a person adds a product to Wishlist intending to buy in future

Initiate check out-: when a person initiate checkout while trying to buy a product

Contact-: someone tries to connect with your business someway

Search- someone uses the search function to find a product on your website

View content-: To view a specific content someone lands on your website

Donate-: Someone donates for any cause on your website

Find location-: Someone searches your physical location

Start trial-: Someone participates in a trial program run by your website

Subscribe-: someone subscribes to your website

Submit application-: Someone applies to the credit card or a service offering by your website

Schedule-: If a customer schedule an appointment for your service

Custom events-: Custom events are additional detailed collection to standard events. It can be done by adding URL rules based on the specific URL of your website.

How can you see whether Facebook Pixel is already set up?

You can find Facebook Pixel ID on your Ad manager option. Go to Ad manager and search for pixel. You will see the ID if it is already set up

Facebook Pixel id

If Facebook Pixel is not set up on your website, do that as soon as possible. Don’t miss your chance to improve your business. The process is very easy and here are the steps you can follow

How to set up Facebook pixels?

If you haven’t already set up Facebook Pixel here is how you can do that.

Step 1-: Go to Ads manager of your website and select ‘Pixel’ tab in the event manager

Create a Facebook Pixel

Next click on ‘Create a Pixel’ and you can name it as you want

Name a Facebook Pixel

Step 2-: You can install pixel code in 3 ways. They are

  • Use an integration tag manager
  • Manually install the code
  • Email instructions to a developer

Setup a Facebook Pixel

If you are using an eCommerce platform like Shopify, Squarespace, or any tag manager like Google tag manager it is easy to integrate Google Pixel to your website. You don’t have to do coding. Also, Google provides you Help article which can be used to install Facebook Pixel easily on your website. You can choose option 1 if you use any approved websites given in the list above

The second option is to manually install the code on your website. Choose option 2 and paste the code to your website to manually install the code

Facebook Pixel ID Code

You can choose advanced matching which helps you to increases your custom audience. It matches the data from your website with a Facebook profile.

Facebook Pixel Advanced Matching

After installing code manually, you can test whether the URL is correct. Click on ‘Send test traffic’ to see whether the set up is correct or not. Once you get a text message from Facebook you can confirm everything works correctly.

Step 3-:  Add events that need to be tracked for your business

This is another way of adding clearer strategies for your Facebook Pixel data tracking. 17 standard events can be adjusted by toggling buttons. You can set up the customer’s event you need to track on this step. You can add an event while loading a new page and events that happen on a page like ‘add to cart’ or ‘sign up’.

Facebook Pixel Track events

Step 4-: Confirm whether your Pixel is working

Already you tested whether the pixel is working or not. But before moving out of the set up you need to confirm that the tracking is done properly. You can install the Google chrome extension of Facebook Pixel helper. Visit the page where you installed Pixel. You will get an indication in blue if the pixel installation is complete. There will be a blue pop-up that shows the number of pixels on the page with which you can confirm whether it is working or not. If the pop-up is not coming it means that something is wrong with your installation

Step 5-: Add Pixel notice

As per Facebook’s term you need to let your customers know that you are tracking their information using Facebook Pixel.  It is very important before you collect data from customers. You also need to let customers give an option to opt out of this if they are not interested.


It is a very easy process that can give you maximum ROI. Follow the steps above and get Facebook Pixel installed on your website. Collecting customer data is a very important part of marketing and has been proven as a successful strategy to improve business.

If you have not thought about it yet, then you are wasting your time. You don’t have to techie to do this process. From the given 3 options, you can choose one and get the code installed on your website.

Many popular businesses implemented this strategy and growing successfully. Know your customers and give them what they want by tracking their shopping history.

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