10 Best & Easy Online Business Ideas to Start in 2021

People now look for a way to come out of their daily 8-5 job culture and do something on their own.But there will be a confusion on choosing the right business. Online business is gaining more popularity nowadays. It is an easy and effective way to start a new business without spending much money. Are you looking for a good online business idea? If yes, then read this article which will guide you through some best online business ideas.

In this era of modern technology, anyone can run a business from their home itself. More than 30 million Americans are running their own online business now. But, the main thing to consider before choosing your own business is the future of it. You should know the fact that online businesses will take some time to establish. You can’t be rich overnight. Many successful online business entrepreneurs started their online business as a part time job. After seeing the success of their business, they adopted it as their full-time profession.

Mainly there are two types of businesses

  • Product based
  • Service based

In product based online business you are selling a product to customers and earning money out of it. E-commerce sites like Amazon is a perfect example of this. In this type of business, you cannot get success immediately.

Service-based online business gain income by selling services to customers. There are many service-based businesses like SEO consulting, social media marketing, web development etc. This is a good choice to earn money immediately.

Choose a business which goes well with your talent and interest. No need to leave your full-time job before establishing your online business.

Why online business?

2019 is a perfect year to start an online business. There are a lot of tools and facilities that can help to flourish your business nowadays. All you have to do is to decide on a business that suits you. Take your time and come up with a good decision. Here are some benefits of running an online business

  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible time schedule
  • Can operate from anywhere in the world
  • Long-term income
  • Can run part-time as well as a full-time business

These are some benefits of choosing an online business.

10 Best & Easy Online Business Ideas to Start in 2021

Are you convinced now? Then we can move on to some brilliant online business ideas that will work for you in 2021.

  1. Social media consulting

Social media has become an integral part in business promotion nowadays. Are you an expert in handling all social media platforms? Then start a social media consulting business and help others to promote their business through popular social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are the most prominent platforms for business promotions. But businesses are struggling to get into visual platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. All these platforms are very popular with millions of followers. If you can find a way to get through those platforms and use it for business promotions in an innovative way the success will be yours.

Know well about social media consulting principles and start your own consulting business. Develop new ideas to promote business overall social media platforms and establish your name in the industry. Irrespective of the initial struggle this is a very effective and easy service-based business to try.

  1. SEO business

SEO business consulting is an effective business option if you are interested in content management. There are more than 966 million websites all over the internet. All those websites are thriving to drive more traffic and get top position in SERP. Search engine optimization service is a global business which can be a great success if handled properly. There is a high-demand for white-hat SEO experts who can improve thevisibility of businesses.

But when you choose SEO business you need to invest money on some tools that can be useful to improve it. Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, LongtailProetc are beneficialin keyword research and performance analysis of content. Initially get some clients through online promotions and email marketing. Another way is to join with web designing agencies and establish your business in the industry.

  1. Write e-books

Do you have a flare of writing? Then you must try to write e-books. E-books are getting popular nowadays and is known as one of the best options to get a long-term income. Amazon e-books are a good option. This is an easy way to publish books without much cost. Write a book, edit, and publish it on Amazon. Initially, you need to concentrate on making it popular among all other books. After few sales, Amazon will take over the marketing and help you to sell your books.

The initial sale is very important. You can use your friend circle to start the sale. Offer your book for a low price initially. When readers start to buy your book the popularity of your eBook increases and generates consistent income out of it.

  1. Affiliate marketing

If you don’t have the interest to develop your own product and sell it online choose affiliate marketing. Here you need to choose other’s products and promote it through your website. Choose an appropriate niche by researching well and write about products to improve lead generation and sales. Write quality content that can attract the audience and entice them to click on the link. If your readers make a purchase from the product site, you will get a percentage of the sale.

This is a business with very low starting cost. You can also outsource writing to someone else who can create compelling content. Get a basic knowledge of SEO copywriting before attempting to start affiliate marketing.

  1. Web design

If you have a good knowledge of HTML, then try to start a web designing business. As the number of websites increases the demand for experts who can design a website also increase. Most webmasters outsource their website designing work to companies specialized in it. Creating a good website with an eye-catchy design is very important to attract more traffic too. Help them to improve their online presence and establish their web designing business.

  1. Online courses

Do you have good knowledge about technology or possess a good talent? Sell it online and earn income from your talent. Create a training or consulting business and sell it through a website. Help others to develop their skill by sharing your knowledge. The most popular fields for online courses are healthcare, education, management marketing etc. While offering online get some tools to communicate with your clients. Courses will be done using video calls, webinars, live chats, file transfer, etc. All those tools can make your online course more effective and successful. Get income by opening your course globally and make a good profit out of it.

Most online courses run with the help of word-of-mouth marketing. Make your existing clients or customers as your brand ambassadors and get more business through them.

  1. App development

Mobile applications are very popular nowadays as people depend on them for everything. Android is such a good platform where developers can introduce new apps and make money out of it. This is a business that helps to give you a long-term income. If you are good at coding, develop new apps that can help others and publish it on Android platforms.

One important thing to consider before app creation is that you need to research well about the future of your idea before investing your time and money in it.

  1. Virtual Assistant service

Virtual assistant service is a very effective business to start. As the number of small businesses increases the demand for virtual supporting services also got increased. Help businesses in finding appropriate virtual assistance for them and earn a commission for it. For that first, you need to create a virtual assistant consultancy business. Get talented people into your network and recommend them to your clients as per their requirements. Virtual assisting jobs could be anything from answering phone calls, helping in the client’s administrative works, SEO, web designing, and many more. Start the business and develop your reputation to be successful and earn from it.

  1. Blogging

Do you have an interest in writing? Then blogging will be a good business to do. Initially blogging was a hobby for most people. But when it became a way to earn money many people prefer it as a business. By creating a website of your own and writing informative or entertaining articles for readers are part of blogging. Just writing blogs can’t help you to gain money. You need to make your website popular and attract as much organic traffic as possible by implementing promotions. Monetize your blog using CPC, CPM, and publishing an advertisement to start earning from it.

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Build software and use it as a Software as a Service platform. There are many examples like Upwork, Freelancer where this business became successful. By creating a SaaS website, you are helping others to find suitable talents or services for their business. Big companies like IBM, Microsoft, etc have decided to build SaaS product development because of its popularity. As the demand for this business increases there is a high chance of success.

 If you don’t have any technical talent, then outsource the development of software and concentrate on its marketing. Create a unique SaaS that can help others and earn from it.

Final words

So, what do you think about starting an online business? Which one will you choose from the above list? All of the above businesses are very easy to start. Once you started to get a popular no need to look back. People who concentrate on starting a business for long-term income can consider the above options. Some of the above businesses demand special technical skills and some others don’t. Aware of your strength choose a business that would be a great fit for you. Take good decisions in 2021 and start your own profitable business.

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