Best Digital Marketing Online Courses and Training Programs in India

Digital marketing is one of the promising careers as of now due to the increase in the internet population. This is a profession where you can earn money and a promising career. Many young students and graduates are looking for the best career option and digital marketing could be that choice. Due to the consistent growth of the digital market in recent times, the demand for digital marketers is high. You need to have certain skills to be a digital marketer like analytics, copywriting, sales, etc. Most of the skills to be earned from practical experience.

There are many resources where you can learn digital marketing like books, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. In addition to that, there are institutions and online resources to learn digital marketing. If you can find a good course that offers better training to earn digital marketing skills that can help you to be a successful digital marketer. Courses are free as well as paid ones. There are certain skills that you can only learn through experience. But having a certification can give a strong backbone to start a career as a digital marketer. This article mainly discusses various online courses and training programs available in various parts of India.

How Can You Find Out Best Digital Marketing Courses In India?

There are certain criteria you can look up to while choosing a good training program. Before choosing one course you need to evaluate certain factors

Certification-: As you know certification can’t help you to be successful in digital marketing. It’s only experience that can take you to new heights in this field. But, at the same time if you want to get a start in this career a certification course is important. When you choose a program to learn make sure that they offer you a certificate after successful completion of the program.

Course Curriculum & Faculties-: Before choosing a course, you need to know the syllabus and faculties who are involved in that course.  Make sure that they are following current industry practices and trends. Also, look for the faculty name and see what they are done in the field of digital marketing.

Reviews-: Look for reviews from people who already took these courses. You can find reviews from Google. There will be discussion forums and groups where you can ask about their opinions about the course or institution where you want to learn

Placement options-: This is something you need to check while enrolling in a course. Do they offer you any help in finding a career start as a digital marketer? What are companies they relate to? Make sure they are assisting you in placement after completion of the course to get a career start.

Now you know certain things to look for while looking for a digital marketing course. There are online courses as well as in-person courses located in various parts of India. If you find these classes interesting, then enroll in an appropriate course. Some centers offer hybrid classes also.

Online Digital Marketing Courses in India

Online Courses in India

The best thing about online courses is that you can learn them from anywhere. No need to be present in a classroom. There are interactive online classrooms set up by course providers. You need to have is a strong internet connection to attend online classes. Here are some popular online courses in digital marketing

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is one of the most popular online digital marketing course providers in India. They offer courses in digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing. More than 1500+ participants take part in their classes form various parts of India weekly. Since 2009 more than 20000 participants attended their classes

Features include-:

  • Industry experts are taking classes
  • Live classes that can be attended from any part of the world
  • Digital marketing hands-on practical sessions
  • Recorded classes for future reference

2. Upgrad

Upgrad is a very popular website that provides online digital marketing courses in India. They offer Post Graduation in digital marketing and communication by combining with MICA. During this course, they are covering topics like social media management, content marketing, branding, marketing analytics, CRM, Email marketing, Marketing strategy, and analytics etc. The course fee can range from Rs 87750-1.2 lakh. This is one of the expensive online digital marketing courses available in India

Features Include-:

  • Classes led by Industry experts
  • Live sessions by experts
  • The hands-on practice led by industry experts
  • Q&A forums and live sessions with industry experts to clarify doubts

3. Manipal Prolearn

Manipal Global Educational service is a prestigious institution to learn digital marketing courses online. They offer Post Graduation in digital marketing management. This is a 66+hrs learning course and more than 3000 participants already enrolled in this course. The fee starts from Rs 6300 for the certification program. Their post-Graduation is a long-term course and the fee can be up to Rs 95000. This certification covers social media management, online reputation management, analytics, Search engine optimization, search engine management etc.

 Features Include-:

  • After completion of the course, you will be awarded Manipal and Google India joint certificate
  • Expert faculty
  • Better job opportunities
  • Affordable fee
  • Excellent Online facilities

4. Simplilearn

This is one of the largest online training platforms for aspiring digital marketers. They offer digital marketing training and certification program. There are more than 30 courses available to enroll in the digital marketing topic. Beginners can choose their Digital marketing 101, Digital marketing associate master’s program, digital marketing specialist master’s program. Price can start from Rs 60,000 and above for various courses.

Features Include-:

  • Wide range of courses to choose from based on your level of experience
  • Best online support
  • All digital marketing courses are affiliated with OMCP
  • Affordable fee
  • Hands-on real-life experience

5. TalentEdge

TalentEdge provides an impressive digital marketing course called a specialized executive program in digital marketing. They are doing this by combining with MICA Ahmedabad. This course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced people. The course fee starts from Rs 80,000 and according to them more than 8 lakh people already registered to this course.

They provide live lectures, case studies, and content structures designed by experienced faculties in MICA Ahmedabad. Their executive developmental program is designed for the manager level. This course helps to understand the Nuances of digital marketing techniques and tools to execute digital campaigns.

Features Include-:

  • Hands-on practice on digital marketing tools
  • PG certification and alumni status in MICA
  • Online classes
  • End term projects
  • Learn from industry leaders

6. Internet & Mobile Research Institute

IMRI is located in Bangalore. They offer various digital marketing courses online. There is a 12-week program which is called the executive Program in Digital marketing. They cover various topics such as UI/UX design, social media marketing, SEO. PPC, mobile marketing, email marketing, analytics, etc. This course will cost you around Rs 9000 and will prepare you to start your career in digital marketing

Features Include-:

  • Learn from industry experts
  • Lifetime support
  • Job assistance
  • Hands-on experience
  • One on one personal coach to learn analytics and digital marketing

7. DigiGyan

 This is also a digital marketing training institute located in New Delhi. They offer courses in SEO, SEM, digital marketing, web designing, Google Analytics, SMM, etc. the online course is certified by the internet and mobile research institute.

Classroom Digital Marketing Courses

Some people prefer in-person classes and there are many in-person courses available. You can attend in-person classes by attending their location.  These courses are located in various cities of India. You can choose a course near your location and attend their classroom. Here are a few popular classroom digital marketing courses available for you

8. DigiGrad

DigiGradis located in Bangalore and they offer in-person digital marketing training courses. DigiGrad is an initiative of an award-winning Google partnered agency called Social Beat. They offer certification in digital marketing programs customized for beginners, entrepreneurs, marketing experts.

It is an initiative by IIM alumni and they follow Harvard-style case study-based learning methods. The cost of their classes starts at Rs 999. The course is 12 weeks long with placement assurance and hands-on training experience.  They have offices at Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai

Features Include-:

  • Learn at a Google partnered Agency
  • Harvard style learning method
  • Rs 50,000 worth of tools and software
  • Projects and internship with top brands
  • Placement assistance
  • Learn from Industry experts


NIIT Imperia is providing a professional diploma in digital marketing courses in association with Digital Marketing Institute Ireland. DMI Ireland is an award-winning institution. They offer courses for recent grads as well as experienced marketers. Other than this NIIT offers two courses for aspiring digital marketing professionals.

One is an advanced digital marketing strategy from IIM Lucknow and the other one is an executive program in digital marketing and social media strategy in association with IIM Calcutta. These courses are 6-month duration and after completion, you will get IIM alumni

Features Include-:

  • 100% job placement
  • Learn from expert marketers
  • Alumni status
  • Prestigious degree program with a better future

10. DMTI

The digital marketing training institute is located in Mumbai. They offer a postgraduate program in digital marketing courses which is a 1-year training program. They have a very good placement cell to help you with job searching. The advanced digital marketing course will cost you around 27,500 and their certified digital marketing course is also very popular.

Features Include-:

  • Job placement cell
  • In-person training
  • Hands-on practical training
  • Expert trainers
  • 573 batches already completed their course from here

11. EduPristine

EduPristine is a part of Adtalem global education located in the United States. They offer training in various areas like Finance, Accounting., Analytics, and marketing. This is in more than 15 locations in India and they started this institution back in 2008. EduPristine offers a digital marketing certification course online as well as in person. They offer certification in combination with Microsoft IT Academy for students who complete this course

Features Include-:

  • Their alumni include more than 5000 people
  • More than 15 location and 35 industries
  • Classes led by industry experts
  • Soft skill and training service with the certification program

12. DSIM

Delhi school of internet marketing is one of the best institutes to get trained in digital marketing. They have trained more than 21765+ professionals already. Now, this is acquired by Digital Vidya. They have centers ins Bangalore and Delhi. Their training courses are online as well as in-person classes. They have 13 centers all over India. Their courses are Digital marketing, advanced marketing and analytics, affiliate market class, black hat techniques

Features Include-:

  • 59000+ trained professional
  • Experts lead classroom
  • 10+ years of success stories
  • Centers all over India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, Indore, etc.
  • 100% job placement guarantee

13. Simply Digital

IIM and IIT alumni created this program for digital marketing aspirants. They have centers in Delhi and Gurgaon. They have courses like digital marketing, website planning, and creation, social media marketing, email marketing, Google Analytics, etc. Their courses are designed for all levels of digital marketers such as job seekers, intermediate experienced people, and highly experienced professionals.

Features Include-:

  • One of the best rated digital marketing institute
  • Classes led by industry experts
  • Customized digital marketing courses based on your experience
  • Workshops and placement assistance

14. Learning catalyst

The learning catalyst is based in Delhi and has centers all over India. Their marketing courses are niche-specific such as website marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, and more. They offer online as well as an in-person training programs. Their courses are 6 weeks long and certification includes SEO, SEM, SMM etc

Features Include-:

  • Best faculty
  • 100% job placement
  • Internship opportunities and live project experience
  • Fee starts from Rs 15000 and above

15. Digitalnest

Digitalnest is a popular digital marketing institute located in Hyderabad. They offer an advanced digital marketing institute. They offer in-person and online classes for aspiring digital marketing professionals. They conduct a workshop, internship program for their students

Features Include-:

  • Course created by digital marketing experts
  • Placement assistance
  • Internship assistance
  • Hands-on experience on every topic
  • Interaction with successful entrepreneurs

16. IIDE

Indian institute of digital education is an institution located in Mumbai. Their extensive 6-month program is designed to help freshers, and professionals equally. They offer online as well as in-person training programs. A Postgraduate program in digital marketing and advanced training programs are available for you to choose from.

Features Include-:

  • Placement assistance
  • Expert faculty members
  • Course suitable for all experience level
  • Centers in Mumbai, Andheri, Thane, Mulund
  • Talk with speaker and thought leaders to learn

How to Choose Between Online and In-Person Class

Most people prefer online classes due to the convenience of attending it from anywhere. You don’t have to be physically present in a classroom. Attend online classes from any part of the world with a good internet connection. If you can attend in-person classes that is also a good learning plan. As the world is converting to digital program most people go with the online course

Traveling time and money can be saved for online classes. If you have a good internet connection the experience is the same as in-person classes. Both ways are good. Only thing is that if you are more into attending personal classes then you can do that. The fee will be the same for both types of classes. Most courses listed above offer online as well as in-person classes. It’s up to you to choose the type you want to be in.

Executive Digital Marketing Programs in India

The above-mentioned courses are for starters and working professionals. But they are courses in India which offer expert training programs to enhance the skills of experienced professionals. Many business schools offer executive digital marketing certification programs

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

ISB offers 3 days executive program which might cost around Rs. 100000. It mainly offers ‘digital and social media marketing program for professionals and leaders who want to enhance their skills in the digital marketing domain

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

IIM Bangalore offers a course for expert professional on digital marketing and social media strategy. This gives an overview of SEO, SEM, SMM, Marketing analytics, etc. This course helps professionals to get better social engagement on their blogs.

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

IIM Lucknow offers a Digital marketing program to experts. This course is led by renowned digital marketing expert MoutusyMaity. Also, there is a 6-day course of advanced program in an integrated marketing program for professionals.

Great Lake Institute of Management

Great lakes have an interesting postgraduate program in Business Analytics and business intelligence. It has online as well as in-person classes. Training centers are located at Bombay, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune etc.


As the demand for digital marketing courses increases you might have the pressure of choosing a good institution for training. Now you know the list of top institutions which provides certification course in digital marketing. Choose the best program suitable for you.

When you choose a course make sure that they offer placement assistance and hands-on training to get a career start. Online as well as in-person classes are equally good. It’s all about your convenience. So, what do you think about these courses listed above? If you know more about these courses share your information with us here.

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