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Best Digital Marketing Courses and Training Programs in Delhi

Best Digital Marketing Sources and Training Programs in Delhi

Digital marketing is one of the most demanding professions nowadays. The reason behind the popularity of this course is due to the increase in internet users. Now smartphone usage is more. That is why every brand is now focusing on digital marketing. Brands need to improve their online presence to impress their customers. A digital marketer will do this task for brands. They build new strategies to make a brand look good online. Every brand will have a team of digital marketers to do this task. Companies are searching for skilled digital marketers to promote their brand online.

If you wish to start your career as a digital marketer, then join a certification course in digital marketing. You need to have some skills to be a digital marketer. Content marketing skills, analytical skills, SEO, social media marketing skills are some of them. You can learn them from a digital marketing certification course. Many training institutes in Delhi offers digital marketing certification course. Students, professionals, and business owners can join digital marketing courses. While joining a digital marketing course, you need to verify a few factors. Here we are going to discuss some of the best digital marketing courses and training programs in Delhi.

Factors that need to be verified before joining a digital marketing course

Many institutes offer digital marketing training in Delhi. Always make sure to check these factors before choosing a digital marketing course.

Top 10 digital marketing courses and training programs in Delhi

Many institutes in Delhi offer digital marketing training. If you are satisfied with the above factors, then the next step is to choose one institute and join the course. Here are some best digital marketing courses and training programs in Delhi

  1. Digital Vidya

This is one of the top institutes in Delhi to offer digital marketing certification courses. They launched a social media training workshop in 2009. Since 2013 they have started to provide a digital marketing training program. More than 30,000 students already completed a digital marketing course from Digital Vidya. Digital Vidya offers a master’s program in Digital marketing and they cover all major topics such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, and more.

Digital Vidya offers online as well as classroom training in a digital marketing course. They are successfully offering online classes for the last 9 years. Last year they introduced a classroom training program in Delhi with the supervision of experienced trainers. They believe in practical experience than theoretical learning. Upon completion of the digital marketing course, Digital Vidya offers 3 external and 12 internal certifications to their students.

Best features-:

  1. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India offers digital marketing training and services in Delhi. Their digital marketing course covers all major topics such as Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Web analytics, integrated digital marketing communications, and so on. More than 5000 students completed a digital marketing course from DAI already. Their digital marketing course duration is 6-month and the course fee Rs. 34,900/-. Their popular courses are-:

For corporates they offer -:

Corporate Digital marketing training program in Delhi. All of their courses are led by experienced trainers.

Best features-:

  1. Avyud Academy

Avyud Academy offers an advanced professional certificate in digital marketing and promotion in Delhi. Entrepreneurs, working professionals, job seekers, and homemakers can participate in this course. Industry experts are leading their classes covering basic to advanced levels. They have designed separate courses for professionals and corporates.  Classroom training is carried out with the supervision of experienced trainers.  During this course, they cover topics such as

Best features-:

  1. AIMA

AIMA offers professional training in Digital Marketing and Analytics in association with Digital vidya. They offer in-depth training in digital marketing with access to advanced analytics tools. Expert trainers are leading the classes. This is a 5-month course with a fee of Rs.36000/-.  The course will help you understand all the important aspects associated with digital marketing such as

Best features-:

  1. Amity Future Academy

Amity Future Academy is offering Post Graduate Diploma in digital marketing strategies. This is a 12-month training program that covers all topics related to digital marketing. Another short-term course of 6-month is also available in digital marketing. The course name is PG Diploma in Digital Marketing Management.

Their courses are carrying out in association with the University of Pennsylvania and after completion of the course, you will get an AMITY certificate.  Based on your availability you can schedule online classes and you will chance to interact with industry experts to clarify your doubts. Classes are taken by industry experts with more than 15 years of experience. Choose between 6 months and a 1-year program. After completion, you will get career assistance also from the institute.

Best Features-:

  1. Manipal Prolearn

Manipal Prolearn offers a digital marketing training program in Delhi. They have certification in digital marketing and PG diploma in Digital marketing courses. Online as well as an online live session with experts are the two modes of training are available to choose from. Students will have access to advanced training material lifelong. It has trained more than 5000 students already. Marketing B

Best Features-:

  1. Delhi courses

Delhi courses is a popular digital marketing institute in Delhi. Their advanced digital marketing course covers 60 models and 17 certifications. Their training program is 100% practical-based. More than 1200 students completed this course. Course fee id Rs. 30000/-. Classroom training is carried out by industry experts with recent case studies. Get access to advanced digital marketing tools while practicing. Topics covered under this course are

Freelancing Digital marketing Tools-Other than digital marketing Delhi courses are offer other short-term courses such as

Best Features-:

  1. Simply digital

Simply digital is also a popular institute to offer a digital marketing course in Delhi. All their faculties are from IIT and IIM. Their digital marketing course covers all major concepts of digital marketing. Students will get a chance to learn advanced digital marketing tools during this course. The course is more practical based, and students will have exposure to real live websites as a part of their daily assignments. Graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, and housewives can attend this digital marketing course to start a career in this field. The modules they cover under this program are

Best Features-:

  1. Digital Payout

Digital payout started providing digital marketing training back in 2008. More than 2000 students already completed their digital marketing certification course from here. They are trying to teach with an updated curriculum with recent case studies. Digital payout offers industry training, corporate training, and professional training based on client requirements.  Classroom sessions are highly interactive which allows students to clarify all their questions every day. They focus on providing more practice on live websites by giving assignments after each topic. In addition to digital marketing training, they offer certification in SEO, social media, Google AdWords.  Digital marketing course modules cover topics like

Best Features-:

  1. Digital Marketing Profs

Digital Marketing Pros is a very good training center to learn digital marketing. Their course duration is 12 weeks and you will learn all basic concepts of digital marketing during this time frame. During this course, they cover all topics such as SEO, SEM, Analytics, project management, soft skill development, email marketing, mobile marketing, and so on. Anyone who wants to start a digital marketing career can join their digital marketing training program. Classroom training is supervised by expert professionals and trainers emphasize practical based training methods.  Digital Marketing Profs offers career-based training on real websites which will make you ready to start your job immediately after course completion.

Best Features-:

Final Words

Digital marketing is a new way to attract more customers to a business. There are many opportunities for skilled marketers now. To get a better job opening you have to complete a certification course from a reputed institution. It is very hard to find a good training institute nowadays. These are some top institutes in Delhi that provide a digital marketing certification course.

You can also learn the skill from various digital marketing blogs and online videos. But these training certification courses give you in-depth knowledge about the concepts of this field. Most institutes give you a chance to work on real projects which will help you to understand the process easily. This is the best time to start a career in digital marketing. If you know a better training institute share it with us here.

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