The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Data-Driven Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very vast area. There are many guidelines to follow if you want to be successful. It is not easy to make a website popular without creating quality content. Google is also trying to filter out unnecessary content from its search result. Now we can see a lot of content related to a topic if you started to search for it. But how will we know which content contains the actual information we want. This is a very tedious task. 

Smart marketing is the process of combining creativity and analytical data. By combining both you can create a clear strategy to promote your content. Data-driven marketing is a very popular way to analyze what your readers want. This will help you to provide what they want through your content. Do you really want to get a result for your efforts? Then know more about data-driven marketing and implement it in your marketing strategy as soon as possible. This is a complete guide for marketers who really want to be successful by adopting new trends in the market.

What is Data-Driven Content Marketing?

This is a new way of content marketing where content is created based on the buyer’s persona. This can be obtained from various sources. If a marketer can create content for their buyers that product can win their heart. Data-driven marketing is a psychological approach every marketer is now following to make their marketing effort more effective. 

Information about customers can be collected from various online sources, surveys or agencies which are specialized in collecting those details. After getting customer data from these sources to work on it to create contents that can entertain users. This is a good approach to know what they like and what they don’t. When they search for a solution if you can actually provide a solution for their problem then it means you created quality content.

Steps to Follow Before Creating Contents

The audience looks for the actual content which needs a solution. If you can create such content you can stand out in the sea of all other contents on the same topic. Here is what you have to do before creating contents

  • Know your Audience

Knowing your target is very important in all businesses. Content marketing also works based on this theory. Don’t waste your time and resources by creating unnecessary content. Use your valuable time to create valuable content for your audience. Use these data-driven approaches to know your audience well

  1. Create a buyer’s persona-: This is like a biography of an ideal customer based on the research data and ideal customer characteristics. It can be anything from their age, demographics, job, motivations, goals, interest, etc.
  2. Keyword analysis-: There are many tools like SEMRush, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, etc. for you to research keyword search volume, competition, etc. But sometimes just including what they show in your content is not enough. Give your audience what they are looking for. Find trending keywords using tools like Google trends. Long-tail keywords will always work much better than single-term keywords.
  3. Surveys-: Audience surveys and real interaction can do wonders for your content marketing campaign. All data is getting directly from customers is what makes this different from all other options. There are tools like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Google Form to conduct these surveys effectively. Also, you can use a social media platform to aid with your surveys.
  • Create A to Z Content Calendar

This will help you to organize your content creation on various platforms. Create a calendar with various types of content, topics, platforms you need to use, and time for posting each content. This will help you to easily track the response without much effort

  • Content Creation

After gathering all data that needed to be known about your viewer’s next step will be content creation. There are tools to curate your content and check its grammar and plagiarism.

  • Longform Contents

Longform contents are more effective than short contents.  You can decide the word count of your content. It can range from 300-3000 words. If you can present the content with relevant data it will help to increases its reach. A good content that covers all aspects of a topic usually will have a word count of 2000 words

  • Present Data

If you can join with some popular companies who can provide some statistical data while writing content can be a good idea to get noticed.

  • Create Fresh Contents

There is a popular technique called Skyscraper Technique. It means that you can find out some popular content related to your topic from web search results and write about that topic in a different way. Try to include fresh information as Google always encourages fresh content. You can make the content more appealing by concentrating on its appearance and design. Now your content is ready to be posted. Web site appearance is very much important like content quality nowadays. 

  • Repurpose old Contents

Don’t neglect old contents as priceless. Smart marketers won’t neglect old content. They can remodel old content and include some new updates or change its construction to present it as new content to get a fresh audience. Some content writers used to change the headlines and post more frequently so that many people can watch them and increases the viewership of that content. 

  • Promote your Content

Promote content using all available mediums so that you can ensure its reach to as many audiences as possible. Take your time to produce valuable content and then promote it. There are many ways to promote your content nowadays. You can decide the method of promotion considering your content quality and your budget. 

  • Email Promotion

One of the popular ways of promotion is sending personalized emails. Customer data will help you to create personalized content for sending. Personalized emails will help to create a good connection between you and your audience. Many businesses succeeded by implementing this strategy.

  • Social Media Promotion

Another way is to use social media platforms to promote content. There are social media influencers available for you to choose to promote your content. They have the power to create awareness about your content among their audience. This strategy is suitable for all industries. Follwerwonk, Upfluence, etc are some websites where you can find suitable influencers for your content.

  • Paid Promotion

Paid promotion is another option to consider when it comes to promoting your content. There are many channels you can try to advertise content. Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc are providing provisions for advertising your content. 

  • Measure you Result

This is the final step where you can see the result of your effort. Gather feedback and reports from various sources and see how successful is your marketing campaign. You can try A/B testing to see the difference that can make while changing the titles and meta titles.  Sometimes changing titles can be a change in your website traffic. 

Wrapping Up

Data-Driven Marketing is the new psychological approach every content marketer should try to know the pulse of the audience. This can help to promote the content in an effective way where you can expect a better outcome. Take your content marketing campaign to the next level using this data and get a better ROI. 

Everyone has their own content marketing strategy. Data-driven marketing is the next big thing that can bring some interesting changes to your content marketing strategy. This is the best way to combine data and creativity. Try new experiments to make a huge change in your effort. What do you think about Data-driven content marketing? You can add your comments below.

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