Customer Loyalty – 3 Ways to Build & Earn it from Customers

Customers play an essential role in the growth of every business. Just like the quality of product and service. A business needs to consider its customers while doing marketing. If you don’t have enough customers, you cannot see any profit or revenue. You have to attract new customers as well as engage existing customers to stay with your business. It is where customer loyalty programs play their role. Every brand now started to offer reward programs to their customers. It is a long-term marketing strategy to gain profit and requires less investment. 

Customer loyalty lets customers choose a brand, product, or service without considering its price, offers, and other options. Customers who want to follow their favorite brand can join this program and agree to pay for the quality of product/service they get from the brand. The customer loyalty program has proven that it can constantly generate customer loyalty. 69% of customers prefer to go with a brand that offers a catchy reward for them. If your brand does not have a customer loyalty program, it is high time you should think of it. Initially, you can offer small benefits and build your rewards program based on that. This way, you can create your strategy with the most popular rewards and create your loyalty program. 

Why is the customer loyalty program important?

It is essential to retain the existing customers. Every business works very hard to keep their current customers happy and satisfied with their service. In addition to that, brands need to attract new customers to their business. The customer loyalty program plays a significant role in increasing the customer base of a business. Customer loyalty programs can increase-:

Return on investment-:

Loyal customers will buy from a brand again and again compared to new customers. If a brand can build a strong connection with customers, this will continue to grow over some time. By implementing a customer loyalty program, a brand will get maximum value for the money they spend on their marketing. 

Loyal customers-:

Customer loyalty program will help create more loyal customers. When they buy from you repeatedly, they will spread the word of mouth marketing within their contacts. If a brand can satisfy existing customers, they will spread good words about the brand and be your brand advocates. Loyal customers will bring new customers and thereby increases the customer base of your brand. 

Increases sales-:

Returning customers will spend more money on their favorite brand than new customers. The likelihood of spending more money is higher when a brand endorses a customer loyalty program. It will automatically increase the sales and thereby more profit.

Stand out the competition-:

When loyal brand followers spend money on their favorite brand, the competitor brand will lose their potential customers.  If a brand can make their favorite customers happy with good quality service, they will continue to purchase from your business and not from your competitors. 

Three ways to earn unwavering customer loyalty

Customer expectations are rising nowadays. They expect good quality service from a brand. Few factors can make you the go-to brand, such as

  • Marketing conditions
  • Competitors
  • Experiences they get from a brand 

67% of customers say that they are expecting way too much from a brand. There are many ways to earn unwavering brand loyalty. You can follow these strategies to gain constant brand loyalty from your customers like

  • Messaging
  • Reviews and customer feedback
  • Good customer service

Let’s go deeper into these points and see how these strategies can help a brand to get loyal customers. 

  • Messaging and customer loyalty

Messaging is the best way to have a strong connection with customers. It is the best way to target your customers. Brands can use targeting and segmenting to send customized messages to their brand followers. There is no point in sending the same messages to everyone. It is not going to help your brand in anyways. You can send suitable personalized messages through proper channels. Choose a time to send these messages, and choosing Omni-channel customer support is a great way to have a productive interaction with them. 

Brands need to implement Omni-channel customer experience to contact your customers through a various digital channel such as emails, messages, websites, and social media. Omni-channel customer interaction will also help you to understand loyal customers as they interact with the brand through a single channel. It is always better to start your marketing with targeted campaigns. Targeted campaigns are more effective compared to other campaigns as it provides 34.7% open rates and 26.5% more orders than non-targeted campaigns. Brands that focus more on Omni-channel experience earn 90% more customer retention than a brand that concentrates on a single channel. 

  • Reviews, customer feedback, and loyalty

Another way to earn brand loyalty is through customer feedback and reviews. 90% of customers make sure to read reviews before shopping for products nowadays. You can collect brand feedback from your customers. It won’t always be positive. Customers can express their genuine opinions about the products through this feedbacks. But these opinions will help you to understand what they think about your brand, by knowing this you can make suitable changes to the products to make them like your brand. As per the latest survey from PWC 1 in 3 customers will not use a brand if they have a poor experience with the brand. 92% of customers completely ignore that brand once they have a poor experience.

There are many ways through which you can earn customers feedback and reviews. Send them messages or survey questions by requesting to add reviews and feedbacks. Most of the time times customers themselves won’t say that they are happy with a brand. Unhappy customers leave their feedback most of the time.  You may have to ask your customers to add reviews about the brand. Positive reviews can always help with the growth of a brand. Nowadays, customers are experiencing speed, convenience, and good quality customer service from a brand. Get feedback from your customers by building better brand trust and loyalty. Be open and listen to what your customers have to say about your brand to improve your service. 

  • Customer service and customer loyalty

Customer service is something that helps a brand to grow in today’s digital world. Focus on providing world-class customer service that you cannot find anywhere else. If you can provide such a service, they will come back to your brand again. Customer service cay a vital role in bringing back your existing customers and find new customers. It can also help a brand to get better brand trust and credibility, return on investment, and create more brand advocates. You can be active on social media channels and keep an eye on the comments they have to say about your brand. 

A brand with precise strategic planning can stand the competition and be successful in retaining its customers. So, the best way to do that is to interact with customers through various digital channels and solve their problems. A brand that provides instant solutions to customer issues will always have a special place in customer’s minds. Make sure to give replies to all types of comments you get, like positive and negative. Some brands solely focus on positive comments and reviews. That is not a good idea. Try to give equal responses to positive as well as negative comments about your brand. Acknowledge their remarks and say sorry for the bad experience they had with your brand. 


Customer satisfaction mainly depends on satisfaction level. Customers are expecting good quality service from a brand. Once they start to get good customer support, they support that brand lifelong.  You can try these strategies and see how it helps you to retain the existing customers and attract new customers to your brand. In addition to the above marketing strategies, you can also implement these additional points, such as 

  • Personalized shopping experience 
  • Being available 
  • Reciprocity 
  • Better behavior
  • Increased online presence
  • Follow up 

Try the above marketing strategies to see how they can help to grow your business. Each business is different, and the marketing strategies might not work as you expect. You build a better customer relationship to retain customers to your brand. You can share your opinions about these marketing strategies to build unwavering customer loyalty with us here.

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