How Covid Accelerated The Growth Of Digital Marketing?

Are you fond of digital marketing?

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Then, you would certainly enjoy reading how the current Covid-19 pandemic situation is fueling the growth of digital marketing. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dig deeper into it. 

Covid-19 Pandemic and the Revolution in the Digital Marketing Space

Needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many businesses to a standstill. The situation has bound people to stay inside and avoid the outside world as much as possible. That leads to the deterioration of demand for many offline flagships. 

Definitely, the outbreak has paved the way for a revolution in online shopping. Many people that were reluctant or felt it inconvenient to go online and shop are making online purchases for almost every household, personal, or medical item. 

That means online enterprises are enjoying the increased demand and high-profit margins all over the world. However, it has also created the ground for stiff competition. 

What is the takeaway of the above discussion?

It’s simple! Online businesses are striving hard to beat the competition and stand out. And one of the most powerful weapons in this context is digital marketing. 

Nowadays, most people in the world (irrespective of the age group) love to spend time online most time the day. They keep on clicking advertisements and checking out new arrivals in the market. 

Moreover, they also come online to search for a product and buy it. So, digital marketing has become a lifeline for every business online. 

Even many offline businesses have started home delivery of products and so they are leveraging the power of digital marketing to increase their sales. 

How Covid-19 made Businesses Realize Digital Marketing as a Solid Marketing Weapon?

The Covid-19 outbreak is too unfortunate to imagine. The whole world has been suffering and many people got victimized by this pandemic not only in terms of health but also of financial position. Many businesses have been suffering from extreme loss due to the fall of demand in the market. 

Fortunately, digital marketing is there to restore the business state to some extent. And many brands have realized it like never before. 

Whether it is grocery delivery or medicine delivery, businesses have leveraged the power of digital marketing. Online marketing campaigns have enabled brands to interact and engage with target customers. 

In short, Covid-19 has changed the structure of many businesses in the market. That is why traditional marketing approaches are no longer valid for them. 

The position has been taken by digital marketing, as it seems to be the only way to reach potential buyers and convince them to purchase. In other words, digital marketing has taken a permanent place in the business process of many brands. 

The pandemic situation has brought many brands to social media platforms. Many entrepreneurs started to render more free stuff (free PDF, free trials, etc) than ever to attract more customers 

Today, buyers cannot or do not want to step out for shopping. Hence, digital marketing has become the parameter of measurement of the success of a business. That means the more powerful the digital marketing campaign would be the more success a business would achieve. 

How Covid-19 has made Digital Marketing Thriving?

One of the most adverse effects that Covid-19 brought to our lives is the loss of freedom. The current situation has compelled us to stay indoors. 

The pandemic renders almost the same effect to offline brands, as they are now unable to create a real-time spark for their offerings (products or services). So, other than shifting their focus to digital marketing no other option is available. 

The outbreak has paved the way for evolving advanced digital marketing strategies in place. Nowadays, brands have to run digital marketing campaigns to create a virtual experience for their products. 

For instance, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are acting as catalysts to boost digital marketing endeavors. 

In other words, brands are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a brilliant virtual shopping experience for buyers. Innovative digital marketing tactics are acting as cornerstones to make it a reality. 

How has Covid-19 made Digital Marketing a strong contender against traditional marketing?

Digital marketing has become a preferred marketing mode for many brands over traditional marketing. And it was quite predictable, wasn’t it? 

The increased uses of smartphones and high consumption of online information have already built the ground for a digital marketing monopoly. Covid-19 has just accelerated the process. So, brands without digital marketing campaigns are soon going to be abandoned by buyers. 

Digital marketing enables potential buyers to know more about online brands and their offerings. But, it is not the end! Covid-19 has revealed many other striking benefits of digital marketing. It is time to know how the pandemic is acting as a boon for digital marketing:

  • The Compulsion to Stay Indoors: More Adoption of Digital Marketing

Covid-19 pandemic has made most people home-bound. That means businesses are not getting crowd like before. Fortunately, digital marketing has come to the rescue of such businesses by making people informed about the products and services. 

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing are playing vital roles in attracting potential buyers and convincing them to become paying customers. It clearly proves the increased adoption of digital marketing in almost every industry. 

  • Online Education has become a norm: Monopoly of Digital Marketing

The Covid-19 outbreak has changed many things and online learning is one of them. Many students got accustomed to studying online. It has paved the way for many online institutes. And digital marketing is acting as a bridge between tutors and students. 

Digital marketing campaigns have been helping online institutes to let students know about their existence. 

Moreover, internet marketing endeavors also help tutors to increase their reach to more and more students. In short, digital marketing has almost created a monopoly in the space of online learning. 

  • The Internet has become a second home for many: Growth of Digital Marketing

The pandemic has stopped people to meet and greet others outside the home. So, when it comes to a quick dose of entertainment or gaining some information, the internet has become the most reliable source for many. 

The lockdown period has observed a surge of traffic volume in websites with quality content. Many businesses are enjoying higher ROI (Return on Investment) with proper application of digital marketing

According to research, people worldwide have been devoting a significant share of time to different electronic devices on the emergence of lockdowns. 

It implies the behavior of online users has drastically changed from the pre-lockdown period. The growth of mobile users has ultimately fueled the scopes of digital marketing. 

Today, different digital marketing approaches (like content marketing, social media marketing, or search engine marketing) are getting an edge over traditional marketing. 

  • Videos are reigning the world: a boon to Digital Marketing

Did you know video consumption has escalated 60% all around the globe during the pandemic? Not only are videos acting as a dose of entertainment but also educating buyers to make informed decisions. 

Many entrepreneurs would agree that videos can better market their products. Not all buyers are technically savvy but videos can make them well-informed about the usage. 

Since the importance and demand for quality videos have surged, digital marketing is enjoying additional traction in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

How has the Covid-19 Pandemic escalated the adoption of Digital Marketing?

Coming online and surfing the internet has become a ritual of millions of people worldwide during the unexpected outbreak. Thus, many businesses have realized the importance of digital marketing to showcase their offerings in front of potential buyers. 

Moreover, people have not stopped shopping at all, just the way of shopping has changed. The surge of online shopping has led brands to leverage the power of digital marketing more than ever. 

A business has to be ready with its offerings when target customers come online and search for products in its niche. And it is only possible with the proper execution of digital marketing campaigns. That is why more and more businesses have started adopting digital marketing as their prime marking approach. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has made traditional marketing channels lose their importance. Many people nowadays do not want to come in contact with newspapers and other printed promotional materials to ensure their safety. The fear of spreading infection has enhanced the acceptability of the virtual world. 

Since buyers are shifted to online shopping to cater to their day-to-day needs, businesses do not have any other choice than to adopt digital marketing. 

How has Covid-19 Outbreak changed the Landscape of Marketing?

It is true the pandemic situation won’t persist forever. However, it has created a permanent shift to the shopping style of most buyers worldwide. It implies people have become habituated to order online from their comfort zones. 

Whether it is day-to-day essentials or fancy items, online shopping has become a trend. And the success of a brand heavily depends on digital marketing strategies. So, even after the improvement of the pandemic, the significance of digital marketing would remain intact. 

Moreover, brands that have already leveraged the power of digital marketing won’t lose their momentum in the market when the situation gets normalized. 

Wrapping Up

It is now clear how Covid-19 has changed the marketing landscape and accelerated the adoption of digital marketing in almost every industry. Many people were not comfortable in online shopping in the pre-pandemic phase. However, they now rely on online shopping more than offline shopping. 

When it comes to resolving any query or learning something new or getting some information, the internet has become a savior of many people. The journey of buyers and businesses has been streamlined by digital marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The trend of digital marketing that has been escalated by Covid-19 would keep rolling in the post-pandemic era. 

So, what do you think about the digital marketing revolution all over the world? 

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