Why Copywriting Is A Very Important Skill For Every Marketer?

Content marketing is something very important for every business. Creating digital content is not an easy task. But if a marketer can create their own content it will be more effective than the one created by an outsider. If a business fails to create good content online, it cannot see success as expected. Being a copywriter is not an easy thing to do. Someone with good writing skills can be a copywriter. It is not about knowing language better. 

As a marketer, you cannot always depend on others to create content for your business. You know the business well and you are the best person to communicate your business with others. When someone handles copywriting for your business, they cannot convey what you think about the business. So, the best thing you can do is mastering copywriting skills somehow and manage your content. 

It is already proven that content marketing can improve sales and create more leads. We can say that content marketing is the most economical way to grow a business. You can learn copywriting and produce quality content that can help to improve your business.

This Article is Dealing with the following Topics

  • Why strong writing skill is essential for marketing?
  • Qualities of a good copywriter
  • 7 steps you can follow to be a good copywriter

Why strong Writing skill is essential for marketing?

As we already discussed above content marketing has become an essential marketing skill nowadays. In this digital world, strong writing skill is very important and is expected from all sort of marketing professionals. Everything from social media management to data analysis needs compelling writing skills. Here are some points why they say writing skill is an integral part of marketing

  • The sole of digital marketing is quality contents

Content marketing is one of the most essential parts of digital marketing. Everyone from the marketing department should have the writing skills to communicate things in a better way. Quality contents play a vital role in improving sales and growing the company. Everyone in the marketing department should know to convey their ideas in a better way to the audience. Create compelling content that can attract a wide range of audiences which gradually improves your business.

  • To convey ideas strong writing is important

The marketing department is the one who comes with creative ideas to reach the audience. When they communicate their ideas to a second person who is a copywriter most of the points the whole idea won’t be there in his writing. They can miss some important points here and there. This can be avoided if a marketer can do copywriting. Whatever ideas come to your mind try to write it down. You will learn to write better after few attempts. 

  • Internal communication is essential for better marketing

Communication among various marketing departments also needs strong writing skills. If a data analyst needs to communicate their findings through mail internally, he/she should have good writing skills. To convey an idea in a better way internally as well as externally writing skills are very important. It has nothing to do with the language or grammar. If you can convey your ideas in an understandable way that is more than enough.

Quality of a good copywriter

Being a copywriter takes a lot of patience and learning. A good copywriter can influence their readers through writing. The ability to manage language is also an important point a copywriter should have. If you are writing for a business, try to learn every aspect of it and matter the area before you write. Here are some qualities every copywriter should possess

  • Influence the audience

A good copywriter should be able to influence their audience through writing quality content. Everyone is getting thousands of marketing messages. But nobody pays attention to these random messages. A good writer should find new ways to attract their audience by writing compelling messages. Write the kind of message that can influence the audience and grow the business

  • Find new ways to connect

 Copywriters should find new ways to create a connection with the audience. When they read your messages, they should actually believe in you and your business. Some writers use the real-life experience to convey messages to the audience which helps to create a good bonding between with the author and thereby to the product they are writing about

  • Attract new leads

Writing catchy first lines will help to make the message more acceptable. If a writer can get that first attention in a message, he can create more new leads. Writing compelling lines will help to make more audience to the messages and thereby better business growth

  • Good listener

A good copywriter should be a good listener too. Listen to your potential customers and provide them what they want. The best way to improve the content is by listening to others and understanding what they are expecting to form you. This will help a writer to create quality contents based on their audience requirements

  • Be specific

When a writer creates content make sure to be simple and understanding. By using complex words, you cannot attract anyone’s attention. The audience expects simple straight messages that convey your ideas clearly

  • Well-informed 

A copywriter should know every development that happens around them. People only accept contents that are clear and easily understandable. Make it knowledgeable and convey your ideas in an interesting manner. This is what every reader expects from a writer. Keep up the expectation and create digital content that can outstand among other similar contents  

7 Steps you can Follow to be a Good Copywriter

A business can grow well If the marketer can be a good copywriter. Outsourcing may reduce your work but, it won’t give you the result you expect. If a marketer can create a compelling story about the business and attract an audience, you will see unbelievable growth in your business. 

How to be a good copywriter?

  • Should I spend hours writing marketing messages?
  • Should I learn online courses or degrees to be a better copywriter?
  • Should I read a lot of books and resources to be a good writer?

You can be a better copywriter just by improving your writing skills. Just by spending a few hours every day you can be a better writer. It’s all about conveying messages in the right way. If you are a good marketer, you can be a good convincer too.

1.Understand the Product

A good copywriter should know every aspect of the product you are writing about. There is a famous ad about Rolls Royce. The author of this ad says that it took him more than 3 weeks to study the car to write this.

Copywriter understands Products and Consumers

This shows how a copywriter should study well about the product you are writing about. It is very essential to find out some details that your customers will be interested in your product and use them to write better content for your audience. When a marketer writes about his own product it will easier. He will know everything about the product, and this is very useful in writing content about it. 

Tip # 1 compelling headline

If you can create a compelling headline that can grab the attention it would be very useful. This is an example for a compelling headline for an article

Headline for Articles

Tip # 2 Follow basic formulas

There are a few formulas that can help you to write good articles. One of the basic formulae is Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS). If your article can answers the questions of your audience your article will be more popular. Internet users always look at solutions for their questions online. if they can find something that answers these questions that will be more than enough to prove your copywriting skill.

Tip # 3 Art of storytelling

If you have the ability to tell whatever you have in the form of a story your content will be more receptive. Storytelling is a proven way to succeed in content writing. Explain your content as a story to your customers to make then more interested in what you write. 

Tip # 4 Use powerful words

This is a scientifically proven tip. When you write articles to make sure to use powerful words that are persuasive. Here are some popular 

  • Free
  • New 
  • Instantly
  • Because 

2.Write Better Product Description

You need to write a better product description to let the audience know about your business. You can answer the following questions to create a better product description

  • Q1. How will you describe your product/service?

You can write a short description of your product in simple words. No need to write a super long sentence. Make it simple and short just like you describe your product to your customer. 

  • Q2. What is the unique quality of your product/service?

Every business starts with a unique selling proposition (USP). The next step is to write about the USP of your product. What makes your company different from other competitors? This is what you can call a USP. You need to specify special features your business offers to its customers. If you are selling a BPM software tell, then about the unique features you offer through the product. Is it easy to install? How you offer customer support? Write everything about the product that makes it special.

  • Q3. What are the benefits your product/service provides?

This is also an important point to write when you create a product description. You can explain the benefits of using your product/service while writing product descriptions. For example, what are the benefits your BPM software offers to companies? Like how they can upgrade their business process by implementing your product, improving company revenue etc. You need to highlight the benefits your product can bring to companies in your product description

  • Q4. What will your product/service do to reduce the customer’s pain?

If you can describe the positive features of your product in a description that would be excellent. Businesses like insurance can explain how they can help people to save money by enrolling in their insurance. Customers will always look for an option to save some money they spend on a similar product. If you can address your customers concern and give them a better choice that would help your business to grow

  • Q5. What are the best features of your business?

When you explain the product, description features it offers a vital role in attracting customers. List every feature your product offers and explain each feature in detail. If your business can make customers happy by describing the best features that are useful for better business growth

3.Know your Customers

You need to know who your customer is before writing content. If you are selling the product to big companies the content should be different than selling to startups. Know what they want, their needs, fear etc. You can do your research to know what your customers look like in your product. There are many ways to know your customers like surveys, Q&As, research, interviews, etc. Use this data when you write about your product. Here are some questions you need an answer to to get a better insight into your customers

  • Q1. Who are your customers?

Know who you are selling your products to. It could be start-ups or top companies. Write different content based on your customers. Know your audience and start writing for them

  • Q2. Who are your potential customers?

Know your target customers while writing content. If you are selling your product to fortune 500 companies, you need to think big and write accordingly. Big companies are less concerned about price and more concerned about quality. So, you can give more importance to quality while you write. 

  • Q3. Who is your typical customer?

Find out the typical customers and their features. If you are targeting a specific group of people in business create a small description of your typical customers. Use this data to write content that can compel those people.

  • Q4. What do your existing customers like about your product/service?

When you write a description know what your existing customers like in your product/ service. For example, if you see BMW review it is aimed to lower carbon Footprint and improve mileage. Like this, every business will have a feature that attracts their existing customers. Emphasis those points in your writing to attract more new customers.

4.Copywriting should be Convincing

If you want to be a copywriter first thing you need to learn is to convince your audience through your writing. You don’t have to be an expert in a language to write compelling content. Write genuinely about your thoughts on the product in simple language. If you can convince readers by following a few steps that are very useful for your business growth. Here is how you can convince your customers

  • Emphasis your Unique value proposition

Every business will have a value proposition. If you can grab the attention of your audience in the first 20 secs half of your task is done. Make it simple and clear. Don’t make it complicated for your target audience to understand. Don’t let your customers assume what you are offering. Be clear and specific about your companies USP.

Difference in Copywriting

  • Explain about benefits

Next, you can describe the benefits you can provide to your customers. Features and benefits are two different points. The benefits of your product are valued more than features. You can explain the features after describing the benefits. You don’t have to write anything unique while writing benefits. But make sure to make it more convincing to your audience. This is a chance for you to convince the audience and make them buy your product. 

  • Next comes features

The next part features. You can point out the features customers will get from your product/service. You can break down each point and describe each feature in one or two sentences. Make it simple and clear for any kind of customer to understand. 

  • Strong Call to Action

This is a very important point to keep in mind. When you include a strong CTA in your writing this allows the customers to take proper action like signing up, subscribing, etc. Here is a good example of how CTA’s should look like in your content. Customers should take action by reading your CTA which is where you can see more conversion to your content.

Best CTA Button

5.Avoid Fillers

When you write content there will be many areas that are not needed. simply, you can remove meaningless sentences form your copy as it has nothing to do with your business. Only write what your audience needs to know. No need to praise and see you won’t get such a product anywhere else. There are tools available for you to check your content for useless sentences before going live. Nobody wants to read extra words or fillers. Just use whatever needed and make your copy clear and straightforward

6.Catchy Headlines

The headline is the first thing that attracts everyone to content. If you can write a strong headline that can attract customers’ attention that would be great. You might have noticed some headlines that make people click on it. There are a few important points you should know before writing a headline

  • Don’t copy headlines:  Be unique and create your own headline. Make sure to keep it unique compares to other headlines.  Create your own unique headline that can grab everyone’s attention to be successful
  • Be specific: Don’t create confusion in customers through the headline. Be clearer and more specific about the content. Do not mislead people by writing a different headline which is an entirely different form of content
  • Create a sense of urgency: The headline should compel the customers to take the offer and don’t miss it. Customers should get a feeling to take the offer immediately not to lose the features they can get.

7. Write Convertible Content

The landing page should be written in a way to offer the values they can get from your business. Customers should take action when they see the landing page. There is a detailed checklist from Hubspot you can follow that while creating a landing page. This will help you to see more conversion from the Landing page while creating your content. Here are some tips to create more conversion

Use more action-oriented words-: Use words that can encourage the audience to take action. Few examples will be like

  •                  Capture leads from social media
  •                  How to Advertise effectively on social media?

Communicate values-: Customers always look for some values they will get from a product. You can explain the values of your product in a simple way so that they can understand it.

If you are selling an eBook, you can write like 

     In this eBook, you will learn how to: 

  1.  Attract more audience to your website
  2.  Promote your contents in social media
  3.  Bring your website rank to a top position
  4. Use analytic tools to improve your SEO


By following a few simple steps, you can be a good copywriter. This is a skill that you can improve as you get more opportunities to create content for your own business. Writing is not a simple task on the top you need to write compelling copy that can attract people to your content. This is a time-consuming process initially. You need to spend some time researching and finding out the latest trend online

Customers expectation keeps changing every now and then. As a marketer, you need to know what customers want and this knowledge will help you to write better content. Concentrating on your headline more is a good way to start writing. If you can succeed in that area rest everything will come gradually. Take extra effort and see how you can be a game-changer. Master the art of copywriting and you will a drastic change in your marketing perspective. 

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