How to Choose a Hosting Service for your Website

Now after purchasing the Domain Name, the next step is choosing the best hosting company and purchase a web hosting to host your website online.

Web hosting is an important part while running a website. When you search for a web hosting service you will get a lot of results.

But it is very important to see which is the best provider because of it the matter of your website’s future.

Every website needs a strong web hosting service provider to support the website during uptime and protect the contents from hackers. There are various types of web hosting available and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Before choosing a web hosting service one needs to know about some important features to look for in a web hosting service.

Find a web Hosting for Website

If you are a newbie this article will help you in choosing the best web hosting service for your website. Before going into further details, you need to know the real use of a web hosting service. Web hosting service provides you with a server where you can store your website and its content safely.

When users need your website, they can type your domain name it will connect to the server and will provide your webpage to them through the browser. Now we can see various types of web hosting services

Types of Web Hosting Services :

As a newcomer, it is easy to get confused when it comes to choosing a proper web hosting service for your website. There are various types of web hosting services available. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where you need to share the server space with thousands of other websites. We can compare a shared hosting with an apartment building. You will get a pace to store your website which is shared with others and you don’t have the authority to change or control anything. This is comparatively a cheap option than other web hosting services. Some plans start from $3/month up to $15/month. While picking this option you need to take a look into the security, site speed and uptime support it can offer. All of these factors may impact the ranking of your website. This is suitable for people who start a brand-new website with a low budget. 

Dedicated hosting

This is another type of web hosting service where you own a server space all by yourself and you can control it however you want. It is like a single-family home where the owner has full authority to make any changes to it. This is not suitable for small websites and start-ups and a bit expensive too.

VPS hosting

Virtual private server hosting is another type of hosting which is similar to a townhome. Here you own a small server space that you can control. It is a cross of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is a small server within a large server space. This is more expensive than shared hosting and less than dedicated hosting. But while opting for this hosting plan you will get a server space with security, loading speed, and all other features. 

Cloud-based web hosting

This is a new technology that offers a giant server space that can accommodate hundreds of websites together. All of them can share the server space and won’t get affected by unusual increases in web traffic. If your website is growing and getting more traffic this will be the best choice for you.

Reseller web hosting

Another type of hosting you can pick if you are into reselling web hosting servers. Otherwise, you can stick to a shared web hosting service.

There are many other web hosting services like self-service web hosting, colocation web hosting, Managed WordPress and more.  These are very less used services compared to the above services. You can select the web hosting service as per your website requirement.

Features of Good Web Hosting Service

Many factors decide a good web hosting service. All web hosting services should have the following features to be a good one

Security-: Security is the primary feature to look for in a good hosting service. When you run a website, it is very important to protect it from hackers. A good hosting company should protect the content of the website that they are hosting using the latest technologies. Also, if there is any useful information it should not be revealed to others and a good web hosting company will ensure to protect all your contents from hacking. Make sure the hosting company has a reliable backup system that can protect the content regularly

Good reputation-: Before choosing a web hosting service provider to look for reviews from real users. A good reputation means good service. Check out reviews, testimonials, social media profiles, customer comments, etc. 

Cost-: Cost is another factor you need to consider before picking a suitable web hosting service. Shared hosting is comparatively cheap to all other types of hosting. It won’t cost you more than $20/month. Compare various plans and see the affordable one with better features. 

SSL Certificates-: Google supports a website with security. SSL certificates show users that your website is secure and they can enter personal information and payments without any problem.  Many web hosting providers offer SSL certificates with their subscription. 

Customer services: It is very likely to get issues when you start a website. A good web hosting service provider can support you with various issues related to your website. Some services offer 24×7 customer support which will be helpful for the smooth running of your website.

Uptime-: Guaranteed uptime is a very important factor to look for in a web hosting company. Any kind of power failures and system issues can affect your website badly if they cannot provide proper backup support. Before choosing a web hosting service make sure to check the uptime offer. Good companies offer 99.99% uptime or even better than this.

Email-: It is very important to have a business email address the same as your website domain. This will make your website look more professional. Many hosting service providers offer free multiple email accounts for your domain. Also, know whether you can integrate your email account with this. 

Reliable -: Choose a service provider who keeps downtime minimum. Nobody wants to see their website down always. So, if you can choose someone more reliable it is very useful for your website’s future. 

Domain management-: Each service providers have their limitation in domain management. The number of domains you can manage from a single web hosting plan varies according to your plan type. Sometimes you may need to manage multiple subdomains from a single dashboard. In this situation make sure to choose a plan which allows you to manage multiple domains from a single dashboard. 

Ease of use-: Some service providers ensure easy installation while some others are very hard to manage. While choosing a suitable web hosting service check whether it is compatible with the framework you choose and offers single-click installation. 

These are some important features you need to check while choosing a web hosting service provider. Other than these features check for customization options, add-ons, etc. But the above points are some key features you need to check while choosing a plan. 

Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Service:

If you don’t have any experience in choosing hosting providers then follow the steps given below and choose an excellent one to host your website

  1.   Know your website needs

Know what type of website you are going to build and how big will be its traffic. Knowing the answers to such a question will help you to find a suitable type of hosting service. If your website is a start-up then shared hosting will be the best and then you can upgrade to other plans gradually according to your website traffic. 

  1.   Server Uptime

There are various tools available to check the uptime of a hosting provider. You can choose one who can ensure 99.95% uptime which is very normal these days. Don’t go for services below 99% uptime as it may affect your website reputation badly

  1.   Pick services with upgrading options

Initially, you may feel that shared hosting is enough for your website. As time changes the popularity of your website may increase and it may attract more visitors. As the number of visitors increases you need to ensure the best web hosting support by upgrading your plan. So, always choose a service that offers you room to grow.

  1.   Multiple domain names

Choose one which can host multiple domain names. As domain names are easily available nowadays most web owners use multiple domains to run their websites. If your hosting service allows multiple domain support you can run various domains smoothly

Wrapping up

Owning a website is not a simple process. You may have to go through a lot of stages before running a website. If you can do good research it is easy to get a good hosting provider.

Check for all features and make sure your service provider offers you all of them within your budget. Don’t neglect these important factors as it can negatively affect your website performance.

Are you ready to choose a good web hosting service provider that can support your website? Go for it and be successful in your new venture.

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