Reasons Why You Should Choose Coworking Office Space for your New Startup.

Co-working Office spaces are the new office revolution. As self-employment is on the rise, renting out a new place for every start-up hardly seems like a good or even affordable idea. We have Shared Why You Should Choose Co-working Office Space for your New Startup during the initial stage while launching and making your idea live.

Working on Co-working office space is a style of work that involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity. It is defined as the the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

Why You Should Choose Co-working Office Space for your New Startup

Working in an office has been a major aspect of any industry. Companies and institutions have been experimenting over decades the different ways to increase the productivity of their employees. Research has it that good interpersonal relationships between employees have yielded higher productivity, and so employers started using certain methods to increase productivity by the way of office picnics, seminars, and other such activities to build up the team spirit amongst the employees.

One such technique of increasing interaction between workers is co-working.Unlike in a typical office, those coworking are not employees of the same organization.

Reasons to choose co-working office space for your new startup!

Building a network or community.

Coworking spaces are often associated with with freelancers, startups and small teams. These spaces provide a fresh outlook to the office dynamic. The sharing of space with different teams, and companies allows for a more creative approach to work.

It also provides freelancers with the professional space they require without the hassle of the office. Co-working office spaces are revolutionizing the way people work and build a community in the process. These shared spaces allow employees to collaborate on ideas and discuss matters of concern.


As the spaces are shared, the costs are shared too. This ensures that the valuable capital is not wasted in renting and furnishing a place, especially for the new startups. They can spend this money on their product or marketing as they prefer.

Co-working office spaces provide small companies with the space they need and their employees an option to either work individually or as a group. Hence they are a very efficient way to cut the costs while also profiting on the other factors. Keep reading to find out those!


Not only are co-working spaces already furnished, they also come with a lot of added amenities and facilities. Almost every co-working space will have high speed internet, hot desks, private meeting rooms, access to a shared printer/scanner/copier, etc. Others might also offer bookshelf space, use of a kitchen with a fridge and microwave where you can get coffee and tea, use of a conference room, reserved parking space.


Apart from the abiotic facilities that are provided at a co-working space, there are also the other services supplied by humans that will make your business run smoother. With the help of your coworking community you will have all the talent at your fingertips. Networking, marketing, programming, not only will you find interns for these jobs, but it will also be easier for you to find an hire an expert.


Using a coworking space would free up your mind from all the trivialities and problems that come with having to look after your own office. It rids you from those distractions and allows you to focus on your work itself. This leads to increased productivity. Also, as discussed above, working together with a lot of different people boosts interpersonal skills. Sometimes, there’s also a bit of healthy competition and rivalry between two businesses working side by side.

In recent studies coworking spaces have been known to increase productivity by 6-7 points. Which is higher than that of a regular office. In the research it was found out that people using coworking office spaces value their work more, meaning that freelancers choose the projects they care about.


Another major factor in the co-working office spaces is that due to the diversity of workings of different companies and the lack of internal politics, people do not feel the need to put on a different persona. Working amongst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s identity stronger. Working in a shared space also cultivates a culture of assistance, as people with a variety of skills provide help in various ways.


The accessibility of such office spaces provide one with more job control as they can decide between putting in more hours for a short term deadline or to take a break in the middle of a slow day. It gives them a choice between working alone in order to focus on a particular thing or to collaborate with shared tables where interaction is encouraged.

And while workers value their autonomy, they understand that a certain sense of structure is equally important, thus the co-working communities create structures and norms to keep them motivated. Thus enabling a certain degree of control for independent working.

In summary, co-working office spaces are convenient and professional work environments that encourage productivity and creativity of the workers. They provide the necessary link between work and life. For me the best part of a co-working space is the positive social interaction—the human touch and sense of community. I have also been to a dog friendly co-working space which was pure heaven!

So if you are hooked to this idea, the question to ask yourself is what kind of co-working space would be most suitable to your agenda? There are incubators that derive from within a co-working space, so studying them will help you decide which is the best co-working space for your business. Also go on your gut feeling when you visit the place.

Ask them about the events they conduct and their affiliated companies? And of course check out the facilities. Once you find your dream coworking space, what else is there but to start working!

Have you ever worked in a coworking space? What appeals to you the most about it? Make sure to tell us in the comments below.

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