Best ways to build & Market Luxury Fashion Brand Online

Best ways to build & Market a Luxury Fashion Brand Online

Luxury fashion brand denotes to something which is royal in stature and provides a feel of royalty when owned . This article describes how to build market for luxury fashion brand online, if you have a store if luxury fashion brands then this article is for you. Most of the luxury fashion brands come as big in fashion trade . fashion clothing occupy 35 % of the luxury fashion brands market and is expected to grow in huge volumes in online platform .

The other luxury fashion brands include accessories , foot wears that are more common and fast moving in the online platform . Initially luxury fashion brands had lot of speculation about bringing the product to the online market as luxury fashion brand is not alone providing the quality but to serve the high end customers in the royal manner . The present scenario holds good for luxury fashion brands with boom of ecommerce with AR & VR technologies .

To Build Luxury Fashion Brand Online :

Building a brand basically aims at nurturing the brand in the market right from the introduction stage . When it comes to online platform the target market is huge and volatile as people can make easy comparisons of the product and can have deeper analysis and hence it is mandatory to maintain a level of informative labels to foster the growth of the brand .

It is to be noted that the high end customers are more keen in getting the service in prompt manner and the dignity is expected all through the transactions . The cost of product makes it luxury fashion brand at times but as more of retailers are coming with online sales the importance shifts more on quality and deliverance rather on the cost .

The attention has to be taken right from designing the webpage and making the online shopping experience more luxurious by adopting the AR techniques . The Augmented reality ( AR) is trending in ecommerce accompanied by Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality :

Owing to the increase in the e-retail competition many e-commerce firms are coming up with new technology platform popularly termed as Augmented Reality where the object is recreated as a live object using the technologic advancement .

The augmented reality will have an edge over virtual reality in projecting the objects in the three dimensional way . Industrial sectors like fashion , home decors are plunging into Augmented Reality to give varied perceptions of the objects and creates a realistic feel in the viewers to get a better understanding of the product in online shopping .

The rise of new technology has predominantly created a comfort zone for the consumers in terms of the new innovation that the e-retailers provide to sail through the cut throat competition which is been intensified by the virtual options provided by the apps to attract the consumers in buying the products or to stick with the online platform.

Used as a technique in retaining the customers by the e-retailers as the customers are highly aware of the technological advancements and they expect new promotional techniques as the business world keeps changing by framing new marketing policies in accordance to the growth of e-commerce sector .

Apart from marketing technique it also ensures that the e-commerce constantly updates itself with the technological advancements thereby eliminating the sense of obsolete thought and enhancing the shopping experience in every season providing a refreshed feel staying away from the” shopping blues” and giving the best live experience of the products to relate with the globalised trend.

Virtual Reality :

Virtual reality in marketing is trending in all spheres from movies , real estates and even the retail industry . The virtual reality holds good for the Smartphone platform and hence can provide best shopping experience by providing the same feel of shopping in reality . The exact ambience of the luxury fashion brand shop can be brought to the homes of customers and they can virtually feel the product and the goodness it holds .

Many of the retail brands are catching up with the VR technique to bring in the uniqueness of the brand and the target being the high end customers the expectations of the shopping is always subjective to treating the customer as member of royalty .

Though luxury fashion brands needn’t have extensive marketing , it needs to build its own line of promoting the goods by making the shopping experience wonderful .Though it has lot of challenges to implement owing to the finance , it can always be a thumbs up for luxury fashion brands as luxury brands cater for people who never settle for less.

Website speaks volume :

The website must be a mix of quality , style , colorful , trendy , allows user experience and must speak on the functionality of the product and must have some heritage information of the brand and the making of product to ensure the originality of the product . People give importance to originality in luxury brands as they never want to pay more for something which is easily available or which is of less worth .

Make the website speak on behalf of the customer service executive because the website takes the role of marketer as it is the first platform where people come in contact with the product and hence the more informative the product is the more customers it generate .

Moreover the originality of the product must go hand in hand with the theme of webpage to assure that the retailer deals with specific range of products and is not a household one . Many people would like to have a interactive webpage so that navigating the webpage will be fruitful .

Exclusive Experience :

The high end customers demand exclusive service and they like to be treated in that way and hence to satisfy them online efforts has to be taken to bring the in-store experience online for them and the vice versa to make it exclusive for the individual and allow them to take deeper aspiration from the contents available in the webpage and the virtual assistant can be made available for individuals who want to seek more information .

The marketing of the webpage can be done in social media where the percentage of high end users are high and moreover the Smartphone view of the webpage has to be made compatible as the high end users often use their Smartphone for seeking the latest updates of the brand and to dig more information on the brand. Take a note that both high end customers and luxury fashion brand products seek the individuality and the thirst to have the unique experience .

The AWE Factor :

This creates the special feel for the brand and in order to formulate it , it has to be more personalized . The luxury fashion brands must aspire the customers by personalizing the shopping experience and bringing in the touch of modernity and thereby establishing a global platform where space can be provided to leave a note in the experience ,with the products and moreover the tit bits of the products can be penned down in an appealing manner with subtle tinge of rewarding the loyalties and creating brand out of the users which can really personalize the experience of online shopping .

Worth a thought :

Apart from the above said ways and means it can be made more special by providing exclusive service delivery option by wrapping the product in colorful manner in a more professional way to denote the high end stature of the product and by providing the better platform for online payments . The follow up of the product can be done when ordered by the customer care executive or by virtual assistant to give them a sense of reliability and to let them know that we do care for their orders in special way .

Each and every customer seeks value in brand more than the price and hence the aesthetics of the brand are to be kept in its original form that makes it rare to be available outside . The designing of webpage must cater to the needs of promoting the brand as a whole rather than promoting the product in specific way, the new addition of products to the brand and its heritage can be included to make it more close to the customers .

The luxury fashion brands are venturing the online platform in much bold ways with the help of technology . On other hand the meaning of being a luxury fashion brand – “not easily available ” is changing to “exclusively personalized ” to make it more appealing in the online platform as more number of manufacturers are ready to offer the same product in less prices .

Though comparison of prices is not that concerned , the idea of easy availability of product gives the fear of losing the status of being luxurious , In order to counter this the webpage interaction and aspiring contents are to be included as the ingredients to promote the luxury fashion brand in online platform .

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