How To Boost Your Sales And Leads In 30 Days With Social Commerce

I think the first question we need to ask ourselves is, What Is Social Commerce? As defined in Pixlee, Social eCommerce is when social media platforms are used to make a more personalized and targeted in-app experience shopping experience for customers. That cleared, how then can you boost sales and leads with social commerce?

In this article, I will be taking you through ways in which you could maximize social media to create leads and sales for you within a short period.

  • Create Quality Contents With Pictures

Of course, this tops the list, if you want to boost engagements on your social media accounts, you most definitely have to regularly post quality content to attract more people to your page; which could transform into customers in no time. It is also a known fact that contents shared on social media with pictures attached to it yield more yields than text-only contents. So whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, endeavor to share blog-worthy content regularly with vivid images attached to them.

  • Add Social Buttons To Your Newsletter

You probably have a blog and you have a network of subscribers; you can let those subscribers work for you by adding the “share button” to every newsletter that enters their mail. Or you can simply attach a “call-to-action” message to every newsletter that is forwarded, so it can propel them to share your posts before they reach you had imagined.

  • Share Quality Video Contents

Statistically, people are more receptive to watching video-based content than text-based content. While you want to use this medium to boost sales, ensure you go professional about it by hiring professionals to make the video for you; because like it or not, it goes a long way to telling your prospective customers that you pay close attention to details. So, create a standard video that educates your customers about your products and services and share on your social media channels to boost traffic.

  • Add Content Upgrades To Blog Posts

This is one trusted means to boost leads. What it basically does is to link a post to a similar post.

For example: if you make a post on “how to sell online” you can add a link to another post on “killer mistakes startups make when selling online”. A reader that is interested in reading the first post will definitely love to read the second – it is a psychology that works.

OptinMonster is one tool that helps add links to the post; either at the top or bottom of the post-whatever, your preference is.

  • Exploit Twitter Search

What if I tell you there is a feature that is called Twitter Search. What it does is to keep you abreast of the conversations going on on Twitter – especially in your industry. All you have to do is to use the advanced Twitter Search queries to locate people’s questions. When you now have an idea of the common thing that is troubling most customers in your industry, you can make a blog post on it. Once you have written the post, you can go to those questions and reply with a link to that blog post to answer their questions – you have no idea how much traffic and leads that seemingly simple act could result in.

  • Leverage Facebook Ads

The advent of using Facebook Ads has made it easy to advertise products on Facebook at a very cheap rate. Asides the fact that it is affordable to operate, it is highly effective because the ads are directed to users in need of the products and services – so it is a case of bringing the products to the customers and not the other way round.

  • Leverage The “Buy” Button on Facebook

The addition of the buy button on a Facebook user’s business page is a welcome development that many business owners that exploit Facebook to make sales are happy about. With the buy button, a customer can just easily place an order of the desired products shared on Facebook.

  • Leverage User Generated Contents

Customers are more likely to believe the testimonies coming from a fellow customer than from the brand itself. You can use content created by users that have used your products to create leads and drive traffic to your page. Maximize this opportunity by imploring the users of your products to share their experience of using your products, the more positive reviews on your product, the more your customer base increases.

  • Organize Promos And Contests

As times go on, if you are someone that harnesses your social media channels for business, you can give your followers a chance to win freebies. It is more advisable to use quizzes on your products – that way more people will be interested in knowing what your product is and the benefits they can enjoy for buying. Almost everyone likes freebies, trust me, this is one strategy that works like magic.

  • Add Trust Seals

Security is one thing most users are concerned about. Once a user feels secure on your blog, they are more likely to share personalized information when necessary. One of the common ways of adding trust seals is by securing your website or blog using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Also, ensuring your website has SSL is also advantageous because it is one of the criteria that is used for Google Rankings.

  • Create Twitter Lead Cards

As you all know, Twitter is a large social network that can give you prospects as customers. One feature that is normally used for lead generation is the Lead Cards. Its inherent call-to-action approach makes it easy to advertise your products. It also allows you to collect user’s emails in exchange for an offer.

Boosting sales and leads to social commerce requires meticulous efforts that is target driven. By applying the aforementioned tips and suggestions discussed above, you will discover that 30days is too long a time to achieve your aim.

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  1. Fantastic advice really! I’ve had some great success marketing with Facebook on a local scale! Quality content videos always attract eyes to your site, that’s a great way to attract new readers and hopefully new sales! I’ve never used the Twitter lead cards I should look into these they sounds interesting! Fantastic post my friend thanks for sharing!


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