99% of Blogs Don’t Make Even $100: Here’s Why? How to Fix It?

Have you been working on your blog for a while but not seeing the results you desire? Okay, you are not alone. 

If you can remember the title of this post, you already know 99% of blogs fail to make even $100. That is why most bloggers call it a quit out of frustration after they do not see the desired results or generate revenue. 

Do not worry if you are struggling with your blog at this moment. You can still find a way to revive it, as we are going to talk about some common yet overlooked mistakes today with the solutions. 

So, just sit back, and go through the reasons for a blog’s failure one by one. I guess you would find a reason or two that has been stopping your blog from thriving. 

Once you have corrected the flaws, everything would fall into place. And guess what? You would have a bundle of opportunities to make your blog an unlimited source of income for you. 

Maximum Blogs fail to generate High Revenue: What are the Reasons and How to fix them?

Your Blog has more Ads than Content:

Would you like to revisit a blog that is a repository of ads? Question yourself: why should your target audiences come to your blog? What value your blog posts are ensuring for your blog visitors? 

No one wants to encounter loads of ads just after stumbling upon a blog. People click on a website link to get a solution to their pain points or have some information on a specific topic. 

Does your blog have more ads than high-quality, informative content? Then, it might be hindering the growth and revenue generation of your blog. 

  • How to Fix?

Make sure your blog has enough content to attract traffic to your website. Render proper value to your audiences, and your blog would start generating revenue soon. 

The more value you can ensure, the more reputation your blog would get. And it would also help you to be an influencer in your niche. As a result, you can get opportunities for brand promotions from different companies. 

Just focus on producing best-in-class content and everything would fall into place automatically. 

Poor-Quality or Insufficient Marketing Campaigns are hindering the Blog’s Growth:

The rule of thumb is that you must ensure to reach more and more people with your blog. Otherwise, how can you manage to get traffic to your blog and generate revenue?

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to reach target audiences is through social media marketing campaigns. However, failure to ensure the same can inhibit the growth of your blog. 

If you are not taking care of digital marketing, then you cannot expect to generate high revenue. 

  • How to Fix?

Now that it is clear that you have to leverage the power of digital marketing. It becomes more significant ever since the unexpected pandemic has hit the world. 

Grab the attention of your target audiences to your blog by best-in-class social media campaigns. Also, you can leverage the power of social media advertisements and search engine marketing if you do not want to wait longer for organic traffic.

The Niche of Your Blog is too complicated to be comprehended:

Who cares to read and comprehend too complicated topics that offer no value? Evaluate your blog and figure out whether you have chosen the right niche or not. Maybe your blog is not getting enough traffic due to the complexity of the niche.

  • How to Fix?

Opt for a niche that is less competitive as well as profitable. In other words, there must be a buzzing about the topics of the niche among audiences. 

Moreover, you need to be passionate and knowledgeable enough about a subject before writing on it.

Start from scratch if your existing niche is too complicated to get traffic. You can also search for micro-niches for your existing niche and figure out if any of them sound profitable for your blog.

You have not created Your Brand or put enough effort to increase Brand Awareness:

To succeed in blogging, you need to reach more and more target audiences. But, how could they spot your blog among the pool of other websites? If you have not done anything regarding branding, then it might have inhibited the growth of your blog. 

  • How to Fix? 

Branding is the perfect solution! 

You have to develop your brand to stand out in the crowd. In other words, your blog must have some unique traits to be on your audiences’ minds. 

However, branding is a systematic process that needs to be nurtured and improved time-to-time. 

For instance, you should choose a unique (but not weird) name for your blog to leave a long-lasting impression on your target audiences.

Moreover, the name should be self-explanatory to help people comprehend your niche without any confusion.

Just like the blog’s name, many other factors are involved in branding, such as the theme, color scheme, tagline, image presentation, visual & graphic elements, and so on.

Start slowly but be consistent with your branding. Give your target audiences valid reasons to recognize your blog. Otherwise, you can end up struggling with your blog’s traffic.

Gear up to increase your Brand Awareness

Once you have established a brand, start planning on increasing brand awareness. Get the help of digital marketing campaigns to spread your business reach. The more traffic you get the more chances of revenue generation will open for you.

Some other options you can try out to elevate your brand awareness include podcasting, guest blogging for other websites, brand collaborations, giveaways, etc.

Do you want to end up being one of the 99% of bloggers with a blog without an income? 

If not, then start working today to give your blog a unique identity. A strong online presence and high-quality content are enough to pull traffic to your website.

You have been too busy running Marketing Campaigns:

Yes, digital marketing is compulsory to make your blog known to the world. However, you should remember why are you running campaigns on different platforms? You want to make your blog popular, right? 

Do you spend too much time on marketing and a little time on writing content for your blog? Then, it might be a valid reason for your blog not having been growing and generating revenue. 

  • How to Fix? 

You must have high-quality content in your blog as well. You should leave no stone unturned to ensure to provide the best possible value to your readers.

Digital marketing has been gaining traction ever since the pandemic crops up. So, you need best-in-class marketing copies as well. 

The essence is you must maintain a balance between content writing and marketing campaigns. Thus, you can ensure to attract and maintain quality traffic in your blog. It would get you high revenue in the long run. 

Your Blog has boring content:

No one stays on a website for longer if the content is boring and monotonous. Check out if your content has the same issue to have hindered your blog from thriving. 

  • How to Fix?

The solution is simple! Regardless of the niche of your blog, the content must be interesting, thought-provoking, and emotionally relatable. 

Start your blog with an eye-catchy title with a hint of the content. Add as many sub-headings as possible to split the content into easy-to-understand segments. 

Do not forget to insert high-quality images (use stock photos if your budget permits) to make the content more intriguing to readers. 

Some More Potential Reasons for a blog not getting success 

Go through some more potential reasons below:

  • You are not publishing posts consistently. 
  • There are grammatical mistakes in your articles. 
  • You are using more internet slang than the standard language to write articles. 
  • You are making no conscious efforts to lessen or check bounce rates.
  • Your blog design is not up to the mark. For example, the appropriate background color or font style makes readers run away from a website.
  • You are not working on your blog’s SEO. 

The solutions are already there inside the problems.

Wrapping Up

I hope you got some insightful information from this post. Now, you just have to figure out what went wrong with your blog and do the needful. 

Consider hiring a content writer and a digital marketing professional to take your blog to a new height. 

Once you have solved all the issues, your blog would get a new identity in the industry. Moreover, your blog would become a source of unlimited earning for you. 

Have you spotted the issues with your blog from the discussed reasons in the post? 

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