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Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Social Media Marketers

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Social Media Marketers

Social media is a very important medium in our current day business situation and monitoring them with tools has made life easy.

Many brands came into the limelight by following the best social media management practices. It is very significant for a brand to have an active social media account that can engage its current and potential customers. Many businesses started to implement social media engagement as a part of their marketing strategy.

The exposure a business gets through social media is irreplaceable and many people still don’t know the benefits of implementing it for their business promotion. Such brands should start their plan to be active on social media platforms to spread the news about their business. Brands now started to outsource their social media management to professionals who can manage it well. They have to find a good way to engage the online community, schedule social media postings, and many more.

To make these tasks easy they use social media management tools. Listening to customers is very important for any business. Such tools can help you to connect with customers, communicate with them, providing customer support, and to measure social media reach. 

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

There are many Social media management tools available for you to try. Use them to improve your brand’s social presence and be successful. Check out some top social media management tools here 

Hootsuite is a very good Social media management platform launched in 2008. More than 16 million people use this tool all over the world. Use it to curate content, measure social ROI, analytics, social media exposure booting, and many more. There are various versions of the app available for various types of users. There are plans for professionals, businesses, enterprises, and even a free version. Price ranges from $29-$599/month. Use this to connect more than 35 social networks at the same time without any clashes. 

Buffer app is another choice for you to better manage social media platforms. You can simply schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage multiple social media platforms at the same time. Many marketers love this tool because of its better customer support. There are many plans like Free, Pro, and business. Price can be varying from $19-$99/month. Improve your social media promotions by implementing an efficient tool to analyze its performance and attract more followers. Try it to experience effective social media management without much effort. 

Hubspot is very popular among marketers, businesses, and professionals. It lets you monitor and manage your social media accounts and analyze your performance. It has a marketing hub, sales hub, and service hub. Each of them offers you different features. Grow your social media followers and engage users by automating all manual tasks and make your job easy. Plans start from $50-$499/month based on the plan you choose. There are plans such as free, starters, professionals, and enterprise. 

MeetEdgar will help you to automate all social media management tasks easily. You can add content in advance and schedule its posting according to the time you want. It supports all social media platforms. You can also repurpose old content and let it post on your social media platforms. It will help you to increase the number of followers to your social media site. They offer complete customer support to all its followers. You can get its service by paying $49/month. You can enjoy free service for one month. 

‘If this then that’ is a good tool that lets you manage your social media platforms easily. It helps you to integrate all your online services and help you to manage it effectively. IFTTT works with more than 600 apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Gmail, Amazon Alexa, and man more. Explore various possibilities of this app and manage your social media platform well. It will help you to improve your online business management and be successful. 

Use Sprout Social to connect with people and develop a good relationship with them. manage all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and more to get more success. Monitor major social media mentions and engage brand advocates to promote your brand well. Schedule social media content in advance and use reporting tools to inform future strategies. Price varies from $99-$249/month by choosing a proper plan. Manage social media promotions well and make everything up to date. 

Agora Pulse is an all-in-one social media platform with many features in it. You can use this to schedule your social media post, responding with customers, and report social media analytics. Connect with customers using this platform and know what they have to say about your business. It supports various platforms like Twitter. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. There are various plans available for you to purchase. The minimum charge will be $99/month and the maximum could be up to $499/month.

Google Analytics is a very good social media management tool that allows you to analyze the performance on a social media platform. You can post on various social media platforms and analyze its response using Google analytics easily. By reading the performance report you can modify your social media promotions and other programs as you want. Use it as a good tool to improve your social media promotion and it is easy to use too. 

eClicher is a very good social media platform that allows you to manage more than 15 social media platforms. Schedule and publish any post you want, analyze social media performance, and communicate with customers to know about their response. This is a very good tool with so many interesting features to manage your brand’s social media platforms well. There are various plans you can choose from available options. You can use it free for 14 days and the price starts from $99 /month. Try it and make your social media management ask easy.

In order to achieve a better social media popularity, it is better to use tools that can efficiently manage it well. Sendible is such a tool which can help companies and enterprise to improve their social media visibility. Integrate all your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc in Sendible. Get only the required updates that need your attention. No need to search for important updates among all other updates. They offer good customer service for its clients and you can start a 30-day free trial before purchasing a suitable plan from them. 

Final words

There are many Social media management tools available. The above list contains the most popular tools anyone can use effectively to operate it well.

When you look for a tool to manage your social media platform first thing to look for is the number of platforms you can integrate using that tool. Most tools offer you a free trial. If you are not sure about a tool run it for free and know whether it suits your social media management tasks.

Don’t ignore a chance to win people’s heart by managing the most engaging social media sites well and make them follow you

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