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5 Best Alternatives for Amazon Affiliate Program

5 Best Alternatives for Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms. Monetization of a blog is one of the most integral parts of running a website. When monetization of your blog or website comes Amazon affiliate marketing comes to everyone’s mind. In fact, it has the best affiliate programs in the market. Still, many people started to look for other alternative options to monetize their online content. This is a hot topic all over the internet nowadays. In this article, we are going to discuss topics like

If you are not familiar with any other affiliate program other than Amazon, this article will help you to try something new. 

Why the Amazon Affiliated Program is Most Reliable? 

Trust-: Amazon is the most trusted brand name. Nowadays just selling the best products is not enough to get a good reputation. Customers expect better service and a good return policy. Amazon is providing both and they have a better conversion rate too

Good commission-: You will get the commission if someone uses the affiliate link of a specific product from your website to purchase something not related to it. If your website has a link for Bluetooth speaker and a visitor uses that link to buy a gaming mouse

Good commission on festive season-: Festive season is the best time for a website to earn a good commission. There will be a better rate for each product during Christmas and other similar festivals

More ways to promote-: Amazon provides many tools to help you to promote products. This makes it webmasters easy to promote amazon products via their website

Change in the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon’s affiliate market program was the best available program in the market. They were offering a 10% commission for bringing sales. With this expectation of earning a commission, everyone started web content. But after a point, they started to categorize products and assigned commission rates. To make it easier to explain here are the commission details before the change. 

After this point bloggers and webmasters started to concentrate marketing on products that help them to gain good commission. The commission for outdoor and furniture is higher than electronic gadgets. This made a few others think about other better affiliate marketing programs that can earn better commission rates than Amazon. There is no use in promoting products without getting a good commission. When everything was going smooth Amazon made a new announcement

Recently Amazon made an announcement regarding commission rates for a few major categories. This change will be affecting the source of income of many websites. From April 21, 2020, the commission rate for eight major categories will be reduced. This cut down is affecting a lot of people who expected to earn a better commission just by following the Amazon affiliate program. Here are the new commission rate details

After this point, the reaction of people who depends on Amazon affiliated links as their main source of income was very harsh. In short, Amazon is just changing its strategies based on the new developments happening in the market. If you take a look at both see a huge change in commission rate for major categories like home, outdoors, furniture etc. 

In this current situation what you can do is find a better option that helps you earn a better commission rate. You will be able to find another program that is equally reputed like Amazon which offers a good commission without changing your area of expertise. Expanding your area of marketing is always a good option to be successful. Here are some best alternatives for you to try

Best alternatives of Amazon Affiliate Program

When you look for an alternative for the amazon affiliate program make sure to check reviews online. Here are a few things you can look at before choosing an affiliate program-:

There are so many affiliate programs available for bloggers. Choosing the best one is where you have to spend some time. Here is the list of top 5 best affiliate program one can try

ShareASale will be my first suggestion. This is one of the most popular affiliate programs offering a good commission rate. It is very easy to join their market affiliate program. They have a good collection of products from famous brands. The best thing I like about this marketplace is that they offer both physical and digital products. When a blogger can diversify their links without reducing the income from the commission rates. 

This marketplace is doing business for the last 20 years efficiently makes them one of the most trusted brands. One important thing about ShareASale is that its commission rate varies from vendor to vendor. As you know Amazon is offering commons based on each product category. But here you will get a commission based on merchants. So, a blogger can promote products from the highest paying vendor to get a better commission rate. 

A blogger will get a chance to see the commission rate each vendor offers and choose the one they want to promote. This marketplace will give a detailed insight like Average sales, pay per click and average commissions on each vendor associated with them. If one can choose vendors that pay a good commission and has an established status among customers that would be perfect. 

Major Takeaways

Like any other market affiliate program, this marketplace helps you to earn better revenue by helping you to place the link in the right place. Even though the commission rate varies based on vendors you can be an expert by constant trial and error process. Knowing the effectiveness of placing a link in the right place will help you to earn better commissions after a few attempts. You can trust this marketplace and join their affiliate program to ensure a steady income from your blogs. Your commission will not get affected by seasonal changes of the chance you will get to diversify your links. 

CJ is a good alternative for the amazon affiliate program. It is one of the most popular and traditional marketplaces with well-established brands. To make a good sale better brands are very important and CJ is the place for it. It sells products from all popular brands from various niches. Anyone can join their affiliate market program. They will be accepting your application after thorough verification and you can be a part of CJ. They are well known for their technology of cookie-less tracking 

Major takeaways 

Commissions rates are better than what Amazon offers right now. It can be different based on the vendor you are affiliated to. Every detail about commission rates, current marketing trends and strategies for promotions from them when you join. This will help you to choose a good vendor and earn better commission rates. CJ is one of the oldest affiliate marketing programs. Their experience in business and quality of the products they sell makes the brand unique. 

Avangate is popular for selling digital goods and services. Like any other affiliate program joining Avangate is a very easy process. They have a huge collection of software products and marketing tools. All you have to do is to choose a suitable niche and start promoting links through your web content. You will get a good commission rate for making a sale by promoting their link

Start to connect with brands related to your niche and establish a relationship with them. Some vendors offer up to 75% commission and also offer special offers for their affiliates if they perform well. Avangate also helps you to boost your sales by helping you in creating better banners, data feeds, and other marketing tools. Also, they have a good team of experts to help you in boosting your sales by offering better sales strategies. 

Major Takeaways 

Like any other Affiliate program joining CJ is free and simple. Vendors will review your application and approve it. Then you can start to promote their links through your website. You don’t have to worry about the change in the market as CJ will ensure you a steady flow of revenue. CJ is also popular for its 24×7 customer support

This is another choice for bloggers to try instead of the Amazon affiliate program. Rakuten is a huge marketplace that sells all kinds of products based in Japan. It provides a shopping mall experience to its customers with a wide variety of digital and physical goods. This marketplace is a growing platform with a baseline of 3.5% to 5.5%of sale numbers which helps you to earn better commission rates based on performance. To help you earn more commission Rakuten offers you a whole lot of features.

The date is very important nowadays and they use the data to deliver relevant links for their customers. They also give you detailed marketing insight to help you promote their links effectively. Using their tools bloggers can easily customize and their links before promoting. Tools like automatic link generators will help you to create links easier. If you are someone who deals with non-tech niche this is a good option to try

Major Takeaways 

For electronic goods, they only offer a small commission like 0.5 to 1% which is almost similar to what Amazon gives. For other niches, Rakuten will be a better alternative. Their Ad rotation features will help your job easily. Visitors don’t have to see the same ad for every visit. It will keep changing with every click which makes it easy to grab their attention. If you are looking for a platform with new technology enhancements, better support, and good commission rates Rakuten is a good choice.

Clickbank will be another option for bloggers to try. They sell top-quality lifestyle products online. Now everything became digital and in this digital world finding the right product is very hard. This is where ClickBank helps its customers. They are one of the oldest affiliate markets with a lot of quality products. Click bank is the best choice for one who looks to promote eBooks and other informational content. 

Anyone can join their affiliate marketing program. Go to their website and sign up to be a part of their promotional program. If you go to the website you will see a wide variety of niches from which you can choose the one you want. If your blog is related to education, software, etc. 

Clickbank is a good choice because it contains thousands of online courses 

Major takeaways 

The commission rate varies based on the vendor you choose. It can go up to a range of 75% based on the value of the product. Based on the product category and vendors your commission rate can vary. It will be far better than the lowest commission you will get from Amazon. Click bank ensures the quality of the product selling through their website. This makes Clickbank one of the most trusted marketplaces for digital content. 

Wrapping Up

In short, there are many other better options for bloggers to try other than Amazon. Just being popular doesn’t mean that it can offer better rates. As Amazon is changing its strategy to cope up with the evolving market there is no other way than to leave Amazon and trying something new. The reduced commission rates vary drastically and it is affecting a lot of people who mainly depend on Amazon affiliate marketing for their income. 

To be more specific many other marketplaces offer good commission rates available. There is no doubt in the credibility of the Amazon affiliate marketing program. But, to monetize your web content, try something different this time. Choose a platform based on your niche and start to earn more money from today. Don’t lose this opportunity to earn more money by sticking to one big name. Monetize your website with the best affiliate marketing program and earn more

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