How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a brilliant technology that tries to match with the human brain. It can be applied to various areas. But recently it came to the marketing field and marketers are now exploring various possibilities of this brilliant technology. Digital marketing is a dynamic field and the changes here are mandatory.

AI in digital marketing has many advantages like improving customer experience and organize marketing analysis. Both of them can help to bring a better return on investment to business

Nowadays there are many examples where AI has created magic. It ranges from driving a car without a driver to calorie-reading watches. All those areas are the result of using AI effectively. In the field of digital marketing, people were hesitant to implement this technology.

But the competition in the field and to win the race to give a better user experience there is no other way than accepting this technology. Every customer likes a business that considers them as important. Using AI businesses can personalize data and give their customers a better experience.

Marketers are using this as a tool for analysis of user data. Using this data each brand can customize its product as per customer requirement. When businesses offer something special for each customer they cannot reject that offer. This will help to increases the ROI.

Improve customer service using AI can bring a huge change to every business. There are many other benefits of AI and 2019 will see some path-breaking changes in digital marketing due to AI implementation. Here are some changes that AI can bring to businesses

How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact Digital Marketing

Better customization of the User experience

AI will help marketers to analyze individual customer data and generate a good result. The customer is the king of every business. By knowing what they want business can tailor their products and advertisement for each type of customer. Data such as customer behavior, interests of customers, buying patterns, searching patterns, etc will help marketers to create special campaigns for each customer.

Long back marketers used the IP address to track customer behavior. From that point, we have come a long way now by using AI in marketing.

Chatbots are an excellent example that can be used to improve a better user experience. Chatbots are programs that are designed based on AI to interact with customers. Traditional chatbots will respond to the messages they receive from customers through texting.

We can see a multi-dimensional communication system with voice and sensory abilities in the near future. When it happens users will get the impression of talking to a real person. 

Another AI implementation will be the ability to experience the product before purchasing.  This will help the customers to see and feel the product they are looking for before purchasing it. Most online businesses are trying to implement this technology in the future and this will definitely increase sales.

For example, when you want to purchase furniture from a site that runs based on AI you can see the looks of the furniture by placing it in various places through your device screen. This is the magic of implementing AI. 

Targeted marketing

A better analysis is possible with the use of AI in marketing marketers can use these data well in their promotional programs. Each marketer develops an advertisement or marketing strategy for their targeted audience. But when they develop something it should be accurate and reach to your targeted audience well.

By collecting data accurately about customers will help to develop the right strategy for business improvement. Marketers can use such strategies at each stage of their campaigns to make it more effective.

This will outperform IP address-based strategies and give you more success in all your marketing efforts.

Better return on investment (ROI)

ROI is very important when it comes to every marketing campaign. Just by developing new campaigns, any business cannot be successful. They need to ensure better user engagement for their campaigns to make it successful.

Marketers use various tools like CRM software, analytics, and even social data leads to improve the ROI of the campaign. But nothing will help to increase ROI like AI helps.

There is a new innovation in this field that enables multilayered strategies. It can produce customized automated messages for each customer according to their behavior. The triggers will make them buy the product from your website.

So, to ensure better ROI customers should receive the right trigger at right time, and implementing AI to your marketing strategy can help you with it. 

Another innovation is image recognition. If companies can integrate it with their marketing strategy it will be good.

For example, if a bank can implement image censoring of their customers for their transaction it will make the process fasters and secure. All such technologies will help to increase the sale of a business. 

Better searchability

With the implementation of AI with the search engine, the searching process became more accurate and faster. AI can search queries, online behavior, patterns, etc to generate a more accurate result for users.

Most search engines now use AI to track the behavior of users. This will help to improve the searchability and can provide them with what they are actually looking for. We can see more accurate results in the future as technology is improving each and every day. 

Improved loading time by implementing AMP

Google considers page loading time as the main ranking factor. In order to help webmasters, they announced AMP in 2015. By implementing this feature websites can improve their page loading time and provide a better user experience.

Pages which have AMP can get the chance to feature on the top of search result. Rankbrain’s main aim is to give users a better output and accurate result to what they look for. We can see an advanced improvement in the search result and website loading speed soon.

Voice search

Google and Apple have developed their own voice search assistant. Now by 2020 most of the search will be voice-based. Voice search is becoming more prominent and most users start their search with a query. It won’t be based on keywords. The main starting words will be why, what, where, how, etc.

When it comes to voice-based queries there is no significance to keywords. So, if you are trying to market your content using keywords change your strategy soon. Because by next year most users will prefer voice searched to typing.

Video marketing

By next year we can see more video marketing compared to other types of marketing. Because of the short attention span of the users, brands are trying to make short videos to get attention from customers. They started posting a small video, behind the scenes, live video, etc to attract customers towards a brand.

In the near future, we can see that more than 80% of marketing efforts will be based on videos. Other than just video we can see an advanced stage like interactive videos based on AI which can engage customers more.

Final words

Most marketers are trying to implement AI in their business. It will help them to more focused on customers and deliver what they actually want. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have the power to deliver more sophisticated and tailored results to customers.

Even though great icons like Stephan Hawking and Elon Musk called it a threat to human beings there are many opportunities for this technology in various fields.

If businesses can use Artificial Intelligence properly it would be a great revolution.

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