5 Ways How Students can Make Money Online

Students are now looking for a job that can help them make money online. There are many jobs students can do online as well as offline. It is very good to make money online by doing good jobs. As the popularity of the internet grows there are many ways students can try to make money online. There are genuine jobs online which helps you to  make money online.

They can use some existing skills and try to make money online from it. Another way is to learn new things by starting a job.  Such jobs can help them to increases their confidence and knowledge. Here are top 5 online jobs students can try and make money online

Ways How students can make money Online

These are the five different ways to make money online for students:

#1. Freelance writing

This is a very good way students can try to make money online. Freelance writing is getting very popular. If you have a good writing skill without any grammatic errors and issues this will be suitable for you.  There are many websites where you can look for freelance writing opportunities. Such website acts as a mediator between websites which needs writers and candidates who look for an opportunity.

There are many websites all over the internet for freelance writers. Most of them outsource their writing to freelancers who are highly talented in creating quality articles. Students will get a deep knowledge about a topic while writing articles because writing a good article need a lot of research about that topic. So, if you are ready to spend some time researching and writing good informational articles about a topic them be a freelance writer. You will get the payment based on the wordcount of the article you created.


Price can be varying according to your writing experience and article quality. Initially, you won’t get what you demand. You can demand after establishing your name. If you have a blog that will be useful to get the payments as you want. There are many live job onboard websites which give opportunities to freelance writers. All you have to do is register in one of such sites and apply for jobs. Some websites ask you to take an exam to test your language command. Some of the popular websites you can search for are

    • Freelancer

    • Upwork

    • Guru

    • iWriter

    • WritersDomain

  • 99designs   

#2. Data Entry

Data Entry is the next popular online job option for students. It can be suitable for students who have good typing and numeric key skills. Also, data entry job requires a good knowledge various database software, spreadsheets and word processing skills. If you have got such knowledge, then data entry job can help you earn a good income from it.

This is a simple job if you can spend some time in front of your computer. A good internet connection and a computer is enough to do this job. This is a job that you can do without any efforts or brain. You will get money according to your typing speed and experience. There are some genuine websites that offer you data entry job. Check them out and start make money online

    • Indeed

    • OneSpace

    • SmartCrowd

    • 2Captcha

    • Xerox

  • Microworkers

#3. Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant is basically an administrative job which is similar to a secretary or office assistant. It does not require any special talent. You can do this job from home. There are some websites which offer you virtual assistant job opportunities. Your daily task will be like maintaining daily task, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls and doing a task for someone. If you have a good internet connection and laptop virtual assistant job will be easy for you.   The charge ranges from $15-$30/hour.

Payment varies according to the task assigned to you and the hours you worked. You don’t have to work for a single client at a time. work for multiple clients as per your free time and earn a good income by being a virtual assistant. Here are some websites that offer you virtual assistant job genuinely

    • TaskRabbit

    • PeoplePerHour

    • Zirtual

    • Upwork

    • Freelancer

  • Belay Solutions

#4. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is another option to try when you want to earn some extra money while studying. Students can share their knowledge with others and make money online for what you did. There are many online websites that offer you an opportunity to do online tutoring. There are many online tutoring courses that let students earn money by sharing their talents on music, cooking, marketing and many more. Having a good internet connection and a Skype account is enough to do this job. You can decide with your hourly pay while registering on websites which connect with you with clients. Here are the websites that offer you a platform for online tutoring

    • Tutor.com

    • VIPKid

    • My Tutor24

    • SmartThinking

    • TutorVista.com

  • Homework Tutoring

#5. Blogging

Blogging is a very good way to make money online using your writing skill. If you are ready to write good contents for internet users, then create and start your blog. There are various types of blogs which students can try to earn money. Affiliate marketing, advertising, membership, products, services, and many more options are there for you. In this type, you can write about various products and make users buy it by guiding from your website.

Initially spend some money and create your own Blog and website. Build up a good readership by adopting various promotional options and start earning from your blog. Attracting more inbound traffic is very important to start earning from your blog. Students can easily choose new topics and write about it to help others. Try this good option and start to earn from your blog.

Anyone can make money online from home:

Don’t think that every online job is not genuine. Many people choose it as their profession because of the convenience of doing it. Students can earn some extra money by trying any of the above job options. They can take both their studies and this job at the same time and make money online for their studies form such a job. It makes them more responsible and increases their self-confidence. If you are ready to do such a job, then you can get a good income out of it. So, get ready and try something new which can help you to attain financial freedom

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