Why to Build Backlinks in SEO for a Website

Everyone in this SEO field talks about Building Backlinks for a website.  I too have read many Blogs and eBooks on SEO – Digital Marketing where only the ways to build backlinks differs but the end goal would be to get a link back to your website from another website.

As a newbie, even I didn’t understand What is Backlinks and Why we need to Build it for a Website but then I did lot of research to understand about Backlinks and why we are building backlinks for a Website.

Build Backlinks for a Website to Rank in Search engine

When I was the Webmaster of a website I was very keen to improve my website’s rank, number of visitors and of course the profit. To do all these things I was much relying on the keywords stuff and word count of the post. But, this internet market is highly volatile with new updates every second. I have found the one of the best ways to achieve all the goals you have set for your website is building backlinks.

Backlinks are of mainly two types’ inbound links (IBLs) and outbound links (OBLs). The one which is used for your websites are IBLs and those which are used by others through your website are OBLs. These both are used to interconnect the same niche websites which improve the traffic, visitors and profit of both the website. There are many more advantages which I am sharing with you below so that every other admin can maximize their profit.


Interconnectivity of all the websites on the internet is surely one of the best ways to improve the reputation of the website. Interconnectivity will allow you to link your website from the other higher ranked website. The one thing that you need to take care of its content quality; if your content is excellent and unique then it will be very easy to get you interconnect to web sites at higher PageRank than you.

Higher Google Page Rank

PageRank is one of the aspects which every admin looks for today. The higher your PageRank the higher will be your earnings. I personally prefer using backlinks so that the websites at a higher rank than that of mine could get attached to me and help me improve my post and website rank on search engines like Google, MSN Bing and others. But the main concern of this thing is that if I backlink more and more website and will not provide any quality content on my post then that smart work of backlinking will be nothing more than a waste of time.

Traffic Improvement and Profit

Backlinks will not only improve help admins improving their rank but traffic and profit as well. Backlinks which are posted to my website from another website and those which are posted on another website from my website will improve the reputation in the search engines of both of the websites. The traffic flow on websites is the main reason of the money that is the main goal of the each website owners.

Besides all of the above advantages backlinks have other benefits as well which are like these backlinks make you visible in the eyes of Google very often. The more you have the backlink the more your chances will improve to get better Page Rank and get more sales or revenue from the Website.  Backlinks will surely keep ahead of many competitor websites of the same niche as well.

So focus on Building Less & More Quality Backlinks for your Website to Increase your Website Ranking in Search Engine.


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