What are Backlinks in SEO

Are you looking to Rank your Website in Search Engine ?

Did you read that Backlinks are important to Rank any Websites in Search Engine ?

Well, then before you go ahead on how to build backlinks for your Website, First understand what is Backlinks.

The techno world today has millions of websites to provide the needful information on each and every topic of the human interest. Many websites among them are of same niche and provide the information and reviews about the same topic or product. These websites are sometimes added to each other to provide the best information for visitor and this interlinking also helps admins to improve their Domain Authority & also Page Authority.

Backlinks in SEO

The interlinking of the websites is done by using Backlinks which was introduced by Google as a parameter of improving the status of a website. To understand this concept of interlinking I am sharing an example below with you.

Suppose as an admin I have penned an article for my website on topic X, now another admin has also written an article on the topic as same as mine. If he found mine article helpful or interesting then he will use some words in his article as you can say keywords and will post the link to my article on those words. Now when a visitor will click on that word on his article then he will be directed automatically to my website. So that word used for pasting the link will be a backlink.

This backlink will help both of us to improve our number of visitors and as well as the Authority of Website. These backlinks are now a day’s very popular idea to enhance the reputation of the website. Google also admires this process if any admin using for his/her website.

One more reason because of which this backlink process is very popular is that it improves the traffic on two websites at a time though, not by 100 or 200% but yes traffic grows slowly and steadily by using these backlinks. And, as per the rule of internet market the more you get the traffic the more will be your profit.

The common error which I have seen is that the admin sometime get confused with the terms inbound links, internal links and backlinks. I want to tell you that there is no point of confusion at all, the link which navigates the visitor from one page of your website to another page the link will be called internal link. And, if the visitor is getting results from another website after licking on any link on your website then that will be called an inbound link or backlink.

Hence, I think there won’t be any confusion now in differentiating between the terms IBLs and internal links. There is one more term I found pretty confusing with the term IBLs and that is outbound links (OBLs). I just want to clarify that there is a lot of difference between them and if you do not understand then it may cause traffic loss.

If I am an admin then the links to my websites from other websites will be termed as IBLs and the links which are from my websites to another website will be called as OBLs. So, before using anyone of them I prefer being sure about the need and priorities.

Hope you would have understand what is Backlinks now.

Fine, in the Next article, I will talk about Why we need to build Backlinks for your Website.

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