Avoid these 9 Mistakes while Choosing a Domain Name

If you want to open a business, or launch a blog or expand your business online, then one common thing you will need to kick start is a Domain Name.

Yes, Domain Name is your Business Name or the identity which you give for your Business Online.

And I’m sure you would have spent lot of time for choosing your Business Name before you start a business or even for choosing a Name for a new born baby. So treat the same way when choosing your Domain Name for your Business as it has lot off advantages in a long run.

Your Domain Name is your Brand Name and it defines your Business Trust, Awareness & Visibility. This article will guide you to the best way to choose a Domain Name for your Website in all aspects.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Common mistakes which are made while choosing a Domain Name which you can Avoid.


1. More numbers.

Always avoid having numbers in your Domain Name. Its looks good to see or pronounce a Domain Name like Facebook.com rather than telling it as Facebook9015.com.

2. Hard to remember

Decide your Domain Name which is very simple to read, pronounce & remember.  Think of your audience, the website is for them, so they should easily remember your Business when they need it. Having a Domain Name which is hard to remember may also result in losing some of your customers.

3. Add many words

Choose your Domain Name in short & simple. Don’t add or combine many words on your Domain Name. It is always best to keep a name simple, so that people can remember easily.

4. Not a professional name

As I told before, your Domain Name is your Brand Name. So keep it professional where your people get trust & confidence in it. Don’t keep any funny or crazy names in domain especially if you are looking for Professional Business. But suppose if your website is for Fun & Entertainment purpose, then you can choose a name related to it. So always have your Domain Name related to your Business or Category you are into.

5. Many special characters

Don’t use too many special characters, as it would not be easy to remember for your readers & also it is not good in SEO terms. Try to avoid special characters in your Domain Name and in rare cases would suggest to stop with one if it really add value to your Domain Name.

6. Use spam words

There are words which can easily put your Domain Name in Spam list by Search Engine. Example, using words like Free, Sale etc. Using these words, will directly make your Website under Spam List by Google Bot.

7. Similar name to any famous website

Always decide your Domain Name which is Unique. Never choose a domain name which is either  related nor similar to any other business.

 – if your domain name is associated with other Brand Name, then there high chances to get sued from the Company directly. Suppose, your Domain Name is Amazonoffer.com, then be sure you will get sued for using the Brand name Amazon from amazon directly.

– If your domain name is associated with other company name, then it will become difficult for your to rank your website in Search engine. For example, if your domain name is OnlineBusinessBay.com & there is already a website with name TheOnlineBusinessBay.com, then it will be very difficult for your to Rank your website.

So always do proper research and choose your domain name wisely which is good for your business.

8. Wrong domain extension.

Apart from choosing the right domain name, it is also good & advised to spend some time to choose the domain extension. Domain Extensions are the .com, .net. .org etc. So you need to choose the extension carefully depending on your business and target demographics.

Yes, even it depends on demographics on which country you target. For example, you can see how Amazon has different extensions targeting each country they do the Business like Amazon.com for US, Amazon.co.uk for United Kingdom, Amazon.In for India. So like this, if your business is for specific country, then you can purchase that extension which will be good for your ranking also.

9. No keywords

Make sure your domain name has keywords related to your Business, So it helps you to outrank your competitors and rank in search engine easily. Without keywords, your domain is meaningless and Google might not understand on what your Website/blog is related to unless you build more high authority and quality backlinks with the keyword.

Always think about the long term goals and choose a better domain name. For any online business, the domain name is first branding which you do online.

Your Domain Name represents your Business & your Brand, Added it is also going to help you in Search Engine Ranking. So spend some time, do proper research before purchasing your domain name for your Business.


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