Why & How – Use of Hashtags in Social Media

The present scenario of the world has changed to a large extent. We are living in an artificial world where everything is well decorated and displayed. Wherever you will see, you will find that everything has some attractiveness because people tend to ignore things which are dull to look at or will fade after sometime. In the same way if you are marketing your business in the online world you need to be someone who must be able to focus the attention of the users in order to build a good market for yourself. The places you share your product or want to focus your customer’s attention to a particular product or services or even emotions, you should make use of the hashtags to make your content visible and liable to be read.

Importance of Hashtags

Hashtags why? We often come across the texts containing hashtags which becomes highlighted when it is concatenated with some words or quotes. It makes the text beautiful and liable for reading.  mmediately when someone reads the text, he looks at that particular word and identifies what it is all about. Whenever you are writing your blog you should use these hashtags to make your content more attractive and interesting. When you use hashtags it is easy for the reader to understand that what you want to tell and focus on. How to use them in your content or blog?

When you use these hashtags along with any text it gets highlighted with a color different from the other part of the text. For example- #hashtags. You can also use it to add hyperlinks and also for referring to any historical example or references from literature, art, culture, trends etc. You can also use it while introducing any new products or any news regarding your organization. This will help you engage more people to your website.

Hashtags are the tricks to make your target customer remember the basic anthem or slogan of your company. It will make you popular among your customers. This will also form a trustworthy opinion and also form a good public relation. These hashtags are going to help you a lot in drawing attention of your target customer. It will also improve your retweets if you are posting it in twitter. It is being noted that the posts which contains hashtags are more likely to get viewed and retweeted by a large number of audience. But don’t use too many hashtags in your article or blogs because there may be more chances of getting ignored by the users. Be specific and use hashtags wherever necessary to improve the content of your blog. If you are posting any text or content on social channels you must be alert and conscious about appropriate use of the hashtags. It should be always used to focus attention of the users and viewer so that they understand your feeling and emotion. You can also use it refer to a particular scene or place for better understanding.

Hashtags have got various advantages if you use it properly:

 Reference

 Highlight

 Focus the attention

 Legible to read

 Interesting

Use hashtags to make your contents more attractive and interesting to read. You will definitely get more number of retweets and likes for your posts. Also you will enjoy traffic on your website and your product will be sold more easily.

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