The Best Ways to Drive Traffic from Google+ to your Website

One thing is sure that Google+ is here to stay. With the new improvements from Google+, you can all the more effortlessly fulfil your goal of directing traffic to your website. One of the latest changes by Google may even be termed as a momentous shift in their business strategy. Google awkwardly calls it “Search, Plus Your World.”

You see, Google has years of involvement in the web index business. While not everybody has a group of active audience on Google+, the quantity of individuals who associate socially with any Google items on a month to month premise exceeds 500 million. Google now offers advertisers the chance to communicate with guests through numerous new touch points, including YouTube and a direct entry into the Google search results. This implies that potential traffic channels increase manifold. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to improve that visibility online and redirect traffic from Google+ to your website with an ease.

Drive Traffic from Google+ to Online Website

When it comes to social media, a constant stress is laid over the quality of interaction over the number of supporters or size of media fan base. More often than not, it’s ideal to have 8,000 interactive followers than 80,000 followers who disregard you. In any case, the latest results demonstrate that a larger Google+ following will indubitably behove you.

Gathering a huge fan base is crucial to being on the top of the game. Your aim is to constantly publicize your content in order to direct more and more traffic to your website.

As mentioned earlier, a whooping numbers of followers are always beneficial. Here are a few pointers as to how to develop a large fan base.

Letting everyone know you’re on Google+

This can be done via a number of methods, for example by putting a badge on your website. By, requesting the customers to put you in their circles of google+. You can also include a link in your emails or other publications.

Sharing your brands posts via personal profiles

Brand pages are just permitted to take after people who have initially followed them. So pushing your brand posts out through your own profile offers your page posts some assistance in terms of exposure.

Also Make sure your employees/team mates have their own personal Google+ profiles and follow the brand. Encourage them to share these posts frequently and +1 plus the posts.

Highlighting: Marking the right content

The probability of user engagement is higher if your Google+ posts are more noticeable. Above anything else visibility on Google+ significantly adds to your advantage. However the real challenge is to catch the eye of your target audience.

Unlike other platforms, posts on Google+ are treated differently. They act as micro blogs posts, and every post requires a header- a headline. Adding a header to your Google+ post helps it stand out. It does that in two very distinct ways, firstly it incorporates the headline of the post into its title tag and lastly the headline is what is displayed in the Google results. A suitable headline can help your post stand out in the Google search results, which will ensure better traffic to your website. Ensure that every post you make has a catchy headline.

Reader friendly: Crisp content

Make sure the content you post online is easy to read and skim. Tediously long posts make the reader bore and lose interest in the subject matter, thereby abandoning the post or simply not paying attention to it. Crisper content allows you to communicate better with the readers. It also helps you get your point across easily and clearly.

Keep your sentences short and precise. Refrain from using complicated sentences or words which may confuse some readers, keep the tone of content very general and easy to grasp. In addition to keeping catchy headlines keep the content in the post simple and precise.

Visual Aid: Using Pictures

Visual aid is a medium by which you can easily stand out and attract more attention on the internet. A vast majority of the top post on the Google+ contain the use of images, the most popular amongst which are the GIF’s. Google+ by default tries to share the image of any URL that you post. Therefore for better shareablilty use eye catching images that grab the interest of the users instantly.


The hashtag has revolutionized the search experiences. It basically is a word or phrase that is preceded by a hash sign (#), used mostly on social media web sites such as Twitter in order to identify messages regarding a specific topic. Also Earlier we saw Why Hashtag is very Important  for Business.

But unlike other media platforms Google+ uses hashtags in a very different fashion. Google uses hashtags and semantic analysis to form relationships between two topics. The associations made by Google+ search aren’t random, truth be told, Mark Traphagen exhibits how you can “educate” Google to make these connections by labelling your own posts. By default, Google regularly adds hashtags subsequently to any post with adequate content. The best practice is to include your own particular prominent hashtags toward the end or inside of the body of every post.

The Authorship Mark

Recently Google has started a new practice of supporting an authorship mark. The authorship mark basically helps to tag your work. It does that in such a way that it shows your writing across the web. This also enables Google to pull them together when people look for you.

Interactive Content

Engage and be engaging is the key to keeping a steady flow of traffic online. An efficient way to measure the engagement of your updates is through a Google+ tool known as the “Ripples”. The more you share the more you engage with other users. And if Google notifies you for a particular engagement it means it is tracking it for you.

It helps to be engaging on Google+. Try and experiment with the posts you make until you find the right kind of posts that constantly gets shared. The two best ways of making sure you post get shared are:

  • By sharing content, that is incredibly helpful and practical to your field.
  • By sharing content, that is really funny.


To wrap things up, make sure to fill in the data for your profile and pages totally. Google+ organizes distinctive zones of the profile for both on-page enhancement and in list items. A lasting impression is what will set you apart from other users. Keep updating your post, be active and share relevant and precise things.

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